Keep Your Family Safe This Halloween

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Keep Your Family Safe This Halloween

Can you believe it’s already almost Halloween? If you have kids, you’ve probably been busy planning elaborate princess or pirate costumes, picking out pumpkins for the perfect Jack-o’-lantern, and, of course, buying boatloads of candy. It’s easy to get distracted by the fun parts of Halloween, but it’s also important to remember that safety should be just as big of a concern as pumpkin-carving. On Halloween night, when there are millions of kids hopped up on sugar and not paying attention to anything but their next stop, be sure that you and your trick-o-treaters are making smart, cautious decisions to keep yourselves safe. Consider the following safety tips to ensure your Halloween night is as fun, spooky and safe as possible:

Tips for Your Trick-or-Treaters:

• Walk, don’t run

On Halloween it’s easy for kids to get overexcited and impatient to get to their candy, but with so many people on the sidewalks, it’s important to slow down and be cautious of others around you. Making sure your kids are walking, not sprinting from house to house will help prevent collisions between other children as well as possible scraped up knees or ripped costumes. Since it’s usually getting dark during trick-or-treating hours, this will also help prevent kids from running out in front of hard-to-see cars.

• Stay in groups

There are so many people out on Halloween night that it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. Know who is in your group before you start trick-or-treating and make sure everyone stays together the entire time. Check to ensure that you’ve got everyone after you visit each house to make sure you’re not leaving anyone behind; it’s hard to find anyone when everyone is in costume.

• Don’t knock on unlit houses

When a house is well-lit on Halloween night, it’s usually a signal that the occupants are expecting and welcome trick-or-treaters. Tell your kids to avoid any houses that don’t look like anyone is home or look like they don’t want company.

Tips for Parents

• Keep Jack-o-lanterns away from the sidewalks
Jack-o-lanterns use lit candles to get their glow, so make sure you keep yours away from pathways or sidewalks that children will be walking on while they trick-or-treat. A long robe or fringed costume can easily brush against Jack-o-lanterns, and you don’t want anyone’s costume accidentally catching on fire!

• Set your alarms

Children’s safety is, understandably, the highest priority of parents on Halloween. But it’s important to think about your own and your home’s safety as well. There are always certain groups of rowdy trick-or-treaters looking to cause trouble, and pranks are common on Halloween, so make sure that any home security systems, locks or home alarm systems you may have are on and ready, just to be safe.

• Clear your front porches

On Halloween, there will undoubtedly be lots of kids coming and going from your porch, so make sure that there’s nothing lying around that they could easily trip over or cut themselves on. Check your porch after every few groups of trick-or-treaters to make sure that nothing has gotten knocked out of place.

Halloween should be one of the best nights of the year, and following these tips will help make sure it stays that way. Scary Halloween costumes are great, but you don’t want to be dealing with any scary accidents on Halloween night; just make smart, safe choices and you’ll be sure to have a safe and happy Halloween!