Keeping My Sanity as a Room Parent

by admin

Keeping My Sanity as a Room Parent

It’s only been six weeks since school started and already we are full-speed into school and classroom activities.

Fortunately this year, I set up my Qlubb early so that we have all the sign-up sheets, RSVPs, and calendars online for people to collaborate. This is my third year as a room parent and in the past I have used Yahoo and Google groups—but the back/forth email was just becoming a pain and frustrating. So late last year, I ran across this new service on a blog, and thought I’d try it out this year.

No bones, it has been really a lifesaver, or rather a mind-saver. It doesn’t have a lot of the socialization features that are available on something like Facebook, but then again, that doesn’t seem to be Qlubb’s purpose. That being said, I would love it if Qlubb had a Facebook app.

Anyways, I digress. We are planning for a Halloween party and Thanksgiving group lunch. In first grade, the types of room parent involvement change. In K and below, the coordination was really to support the social and fun activities at school (field trips, parties, events, etc.). Now in first grade, the coordination is more academically focused—reading volunteer, math tutor, recess coordinator, etc.

So this year, I have traded cupcakes for Magic TreeHouse.