Keeping Our Children Safe (Part 1)

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Keeping Our Children Safe (Part 1)

Please look up see the title. It says our children. Not just yours.

This is very important; a lot of us do not understand this. These people have to be tracked. They really are no different than any other criminal except for what they have done. If you do not employ a criminal, he or she will re-offend, period. We are giving them no other choice and no way to try and live a life outside the penal system. And even though most of us would rather they be locked up for good, that just can’t be done either. It’s just no reasonable thinking. What people do not understand is this—the law has to be allowed to track these people. We are actually putting our children and everyone else’s children at greater risk than before.

Sometimes I laugh at people because they never think about the past. These people already lived among us. Just now we know who they are and as more and more are caught, others will be released into the general population. But we will know who they are. These people are monitored very carefully. They have monitors attached to them and if they travel outside their area receive a call from a parole officer, advising them they have traveled outside their twenty-five mile limit and are in violation of parole. These people are treated like they are still in prison. Their homes are searched for Internet connectable computers and are a lot of times rearrested for this reason. But the only time this can happen is if they can track them. If we force them out of their jobs or homes we put them on run. And sometimes they do not surface until five to ten years later, only getting caught by the law. We are putting our children at greater risk than ever before. So always remember these people have lived among us for years now we just know who they are.

So we have to let the law do its job.

I know a woman who feels she can keep her son safe by allowing him to only go to people houses she knows. I wonder if the recent Tracy, California tragedy has shown her anything. The fact is you just never know and it’s never who you think. The following is a chapter from my book, Uncle Bob the Secrets and Child Molester Doesn’t Want You to Know. It is a free online book for parents showing them the truth.

What I am going to tell you is a true story and his name was uncle BOB, well Bob, but he was an uncle.

But what I first want you to know is I am a grown adult and am very well aware of what saying what I am about to say can do to a person’s life and would never, ever make up a lie to hurt another for any reason. I would not knowingly or with any type of ill intent set out to ruin an innocent person’s life.

It is a look at a child molester and rapist to show you just how common he was and is today. Uncle Bob had three sisters: Lena bell, Arla, and Charlotte and two brothers, they called them Jack and buddy. Uncle Bob was and still is a child molester and a rapist. Bob’s brothers were Jack and Buddy. Jack had two children, Jeff and Shanda; Bob’s sister, Charlotte, had two children, Gary and Stephen; Arla had two children, Stephan and Celeste, Bob’s sister, Lena, has an adopted boy. Buddy had a daughter, I forget her name; she was a nut. Bob had a lot of choices besides his adopted child and one biological daughter, Michelle.

Bob worked for a large aerospace company in Redondo Beach, California. He built space crafts such as the Moon Hopper and the Rover. He also worked on the Star Wars program. He loved to take pictures and go down in old mines with his brother Jack. He had a darkroom in his garage where he played with cameras and children, namely me. He seemed to be very smart and he was (hence) the word deviant.

deviant |d?v??nt| adjective: departing from usual or accepted standards, esp. in social or sexual behavior : deviant behavior, a deviant ideology, a deviant person or thing. ORIGIN late Middle English: from late Latin deviant “turning out of the way,” from the verb deviare (see deviate ).

deviant adjective: deviant behavior aberrant, abnormal, atypical, anomalous, irregular, nonstandard; nonconformist, perverse, uncommon, unusual; freakish, strange, odd, peculiar, bizarre, eccentric, idiosyncratic, unorthodox, exceptional; warped, perverted; informal kinky, quirky. antonym normal.
noun: we were seen as deviants nonconformist, eccentric, maverick, individualist; outsider, misfit; informal oddball, weirdo, freak, screwball, kook, odd duck.


Bob did not believe in GOD; he was a self-proclaimed atheist. Good way for a man like him to be.

People looked up to Bob thinking he was a very smart man. They just never knew how smart Bob was. At a time in life when men at his work were being arrested for selling secrets to the Russians, he was perfecting his craft, learning how not to get caught. How to make it look like a rope a dope. A boxing term for showing one thing and doing the exact opposite.

For most purposes he seemed to be like all other men except he had a thing for animals, namely dogs, and his stepchild. Nobody ever knew what was hid beneath him and inside him. He knew before he even started he had to have a plan. A way to discredit a child if accused. So he, like so many other deviants, set out to make a child look like a liar no matter what. That is a plan and is why and how they act as they do.

Even today he is polishing his skills. How does he do it? Who does he choose? It is simple; the best targets for him are troubled children early to late teens. In trouble in school, most likely trouble with the law, and never believed, these are his perfect targets. He looks for single mothers desperate for some sort of help in their lives. Usually troubled themselves drugs alcoholics working as a waitress making very little money. Willing to accept all he has to offer them.

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