Keeping Our Tweens and Teen Girl Safe (Part 2)

by Shalaseia

Keeping Our Tweens and Teen Girl Safe (Part 2)

In my first article I spoke about safety when you are out partying with your friends and watching what you drink and what people bring you to drink. Also how to make sure that the people you are around when you do go out with them and party that you are safe and that if something does happen that you can take action because it is not your fault and people are there to help you. This is the next installment for young girls to read and for moms and fathers to talk to your daughter about as well …


Friendships are important and we need to make sure that the ones we form are true and that we can trust our friends to be there when we need them. When I moved to California I was scared and cried my first day of class, it was prom day and I did not know anyone but that did change and when it did I formed great friendships that have lasted to this day. The biggest thing about friendships is that you should know that you can count on that friend to tell you when you are doing something wrong or to not do something that could harm you.  It looks like most kids today think that a true friend will go along with you when have done or want to do something that is wrong or harmful, NO a true friend will tell you when are wrong and not go along with you. If this person who wants to do something wrong thinks you are not their friend let them know that you are and that you will always be there even when they have messed up. That is the key factor of true friendship it not based on what a person has or does for someone it is UNCONDITIONAL and there are no terms that a person has to follow.


I have had that and still do have that with some people who I have considered my friends over the years. The first rule of true friendship is that we never let a friend go anywhere by themselves EVER. This was once again wisdom from my mom and my aunts in my life, see they have been there and done that and though my mother was never a party person and she does not drink at all she always told me what to do and what not to do if I did have a drink when I went out with my friends. My mom is my first true best friend and when I needed to go somewhere before I had a car or before my friends had a car she would take me or us and I was never embarrassed. See for me it was peace of mind for her and for me that I knew I always had a ride somewhere and when I got license she let me drive the car without and problems and if she had to work I had to find a ride with a friend but we had two cars and sometimes I would take her to work and then pick her up in the morning. TRUST is the most important thing you need to have with your friends always, TRUST to know that they are going to be there when needed most and that means not leaving you when a guy wants just them and not you and they drove you to the party. Or allowing you to leave with some guy you just met at the party that is a big NO, NO. Friends never let friends leave with a guy they just met, that is the biggest reason why so many young ladies are having problems today and why so many are missing now, it is a sad truth and we need to make it clear you are NRVER to leave with someone one you do not know and you are NEVER allowed to walk off somewhere by yourself EVER.


We have to be firm and strict with our kids today, to many perverts are out there to take advantage of them and they are around every corner of the world looking for one them to make just that mistake of walking to their hotel alone with no else to help if something does happens … I pray they find the young lady that is missing in Virginia and all of the other young ladies that thought “why not” and they end up becoming one the many missing children we hear about each year. Mothers and fathers it is time to tell your kids NO and mean it when you know it is something that could have a cop come to your door in the middle of the night with the worse new you never wanted to hear.


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