Keeping Our Tweens and Teen Girls Safe (Part 1)

by Shalaseia

Keeping Our Tweens and Teen Girls Safe (Part 1)

When I was little girl my Ain’t Hattie would always tell me and my sisters and my cousin her daughter to never let a man in your pocket book. It wasn’t until later on that I realized it had a double meaning, but it is something that I tell all the young ladies that are in my life. My nieces, I tell it to them and the young ladies that live in my neighborhood and are friends with my son. What has happened is that we have forgotten how to protect our kids with the most basic information and when we do finally tell them they think they already know what they need to know, and that is information that they have learned from friends which is often the wrong information. What I want to do today is to give some advice and hopefully what happened to the young lady that went on Spring Break with her friends in Virginia and is now missing or what happens to young ladies who are subjected to date rape when they are roofed and sexting and everything that our young kids especially young ladies go through won’t happen again.


Another thing my Ain’t Hattie always told us was to never pick our drink back up and drink it after we have put it down. Also you are never to take a drink from a man that you yourself did not watch the bartender make. This is the best way for a girl to get roofed (Rohypnol) or to have GHB in your system, I should know I had it done to me by a co-worker. I was new in town and did what most people do they try and get to know the people they work with. Now I did have a boyfriend but to tell you the truth I really have not idea why I went to have dinner with this guy. I did tell my boyfriend where I went, see I always tell someone where I go no matter what, I am forty-three and I still tell my mother when I go somewhere that way if something happens someone knows the last things I was supposed to have been doing.


We were at his place and had a nice dinner and then we went and got something to drink. My mistake was not watching him pour the drinks, why would I—he was a co-worker. Well after a few sips I got real sleepy, I could barely keep my eyes opens now here is where I got lucky, I went home immediately I was not about to take a nap in this mans place. I went home called my boyfriend to say I was home and passed out until the next morning. I know he roofed my drink because there was no other reason for me to have slept like that, and when I went back to work I told all of the women to stay away from him and told them what he did. Women and teens we have to stand up for ourselves and take back our lives we have to tell someone when something like this happens, you did nothing wrong he did . So what you went to a party and had some drinks that does not give any young man or grown man to take advantage of you. Know this your mom or aunt or sister or best friend will always be there for you and if you do not have anyone like that then go to the nearest Planned Parenthood or law enforcement office and they will find someone to help you. We all make mistakes in life and the best way to learn from them it to face them and know that it is ok and that all will be okay …


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