kids are joy

by admin

kids are joy
  1. KIDS ARE JOY, may be most not agreed, but really they are. I have two kids and my life enveloped around them. I think if we give kids our time, love and attention, they can be the most joyful relation in our lives. My kids are like my best friends, no doubt worst fighter for each other. But to bring a smile on my face, what can they do, i want to share.
  2. My older one, when was 5 years old and in !st grade. Once came back from school and try to surprise me, mammy I am standing in school election for president. I showed my interest, she said all teachers are supporting me and all kids voting me. I have my banners in school all over. I want to bring good changes in school…like no home work, more time for recess break……. After couple of day when I ask her why she tell me lie, simply she told me.."i want to make you happy 😀
  3. Similarly my little one, once insisting me for tennis racket. I wanted him to wait for dad to come home and take him for shopping. But little boy keep insisting. Finally I said "where is your money" the boy without saying anything went to grandpa and bring 20$. He proudly give me 20$ bill. I asked him what is this? "money" you want money, this is money. Oh my God! where you get it, did you steel. " No" I make this money. When I used to give grandpa water, he said whenever you need money, tell me. I go and tell him I need money for my racket. I liked the way my boy arrange his money and like a man make money for his need.
  4. Like these two incidents I have lot more experiences to share. I will keep writing how much our kids bring joys in our lives.