Kids Grow Way Too Fast

by admin

Kids Grow Way Too Fast

Kids grow up way too fast. Simple as it sounds it is much more complicated. I have three young kids who I could swear were just days old last week. My son just learned how to walk and then all of a sudden he started kindergarten. I have a seven year old that has the attitude of a sixteen-year-old. My little baby is three! Now, how did that happen? Didn’t I just change her diapers? Oh wait, that was already two years ago.

Kids grow so fast on their own. I’m already finding myself missing the days of watching their little tushes run around in the minutes before bath time. Long gone are the days of believing every word that comes from my mouth. Here come the days of accessories for every outfit and room-size lego towers. Not too far in the future will be, dare I say it, dating. All this will be mixed with “the talk”, makeup, and even some heartache.

So why is it then, that people can’t seem to just let kids be kids? Why are preteens wearing skimpy clothes? Why are kids, with one digit ages, playing video games with all the blood and gore of a rated R film? Why are eight year olds having sex?! I just don’t understand why we as a society push our kids to be adults WAY too soon. Don’t kids grow before your eyes enough? Time flies, so why don’t we let kids be kids?

Being an adult is not always fun and games; sure it has it’s perks, but kids are kids for so short a time already. I think that kids should get out and play stick ball, make mud pies or go to the park and use the slides and swings. I would love, at many times in my life, to have the opportunity to “just be a kid” again. Why are we allowing the kids run the country? Grow a pair and tell your kids “no” when they want to do such grown up things. Our country would be so better off it we did!