Kids’ Rooms: Displaying Memories

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Kids’ Rooms: Displaying Memories

Creating wonderful memories is an important part of a happy childhood. As a mom, I not only want to help my kids make memories, but to find creative ways to keep the special memories alive. Whether it is a special birthday party, a family night, a trip to the beach, or an award they won at school—big or small, memories are worth savoring.

One of the ways I have tried to help my kids focus on all the good times is to put a “memory shelf” in their rooms. This can be a bookshelf, a shelf hanging on a wall or even a small table. This special place allows them to collect and display things that trigger happy memories! They can collect things all year or rotate their memory display as often as they like.

Having a place for children store all the little treasures they gather not only help to decorate their room, but gives them a sense of belonging, history, and helps them to focus on all of their blessings and happy moments in life.

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