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Kids Say the Darndest – Honest Truth

My son Caleb was such a pretty boy. People would mistake him for a girl. Despite my attempt to keep him in all blue, the mistake would still be made. Caleb was thirteen months and starting to say words that you could understand. Caleb had a gold fish name Bebo ... he loved his fish. We were in the grocery store and a lady came up to the basket saying he’s so cute please take him from the basket. So I took him out of the basket and stood him up. She squats down in front of him and makes coo sounds. Caleb replies Bebo tinks, Bebo, Bebo. The lady said what is he saying. I replied Bebo, I wouldn’t interpret the other word. She asked what is Bebo? I answered his goldfish. She jumped up and briskly walked away, not even saying goodbye. I couldn’t believe he associated what he smelled with his goldfish. Children will say the darndest, honest things.

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