Kiss that Post-Pregnancy Flab Goodbye

by admin

Kiss that Post-Pregnancy Flab Goodbye

For a lot of women out there, there’s nothing more depressing than getting dressed in the morning and having to deal with a flabby “four-month looking” pregnant tummy post-pregnancy.

And then there’s the lady in the grocery store who asks so sweetly when you’re due to deliver—urgh!

Well, the good news is, even though your stomach has been stretched to the max, you do not have to have a tummy problem for the rest of your life!

What you do need to know is the secret …

Getting your tummy back to pre-pregnancy size requires the right combination of fat loss and muscle building.

Weight loss alone will not do the trick to get your tummy back in shape—so if you’re thinking that a quick diet or exercise stint will do the trick, you’re wrong!

Getting a flat stomach takes work!

It’s not only about melting the fat, but it’s about re-building the strength lost during pregnancy and delivery.

Muscle has a harder, more definite structure than fat so if you work your muscles, your waist will get smaller and you’ll look a lot more toned, not to mention you’ll be burning more calories at rest!

There is one catch though, if you don’t strengthen your transverse abdominals (my problem area so I do feel your pain!), your tummy will still look fat.

Why? Because your transverse abdominal muscles act as your girdle, and if your muscles aren’t working properly (which took mine about a year), then you’ll still have a little bit of a pregnancy pooch.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential when you’re trying to get your flat tummy back that you must train your core (in addition to your rectus abdominals or six-pack muscles).

If you’re not familiar with what your core is yet, it’s a group of muscles around the spine and pelvis that act to support your lower back and pelvis while you move around with your daily activities.

In a healthy body your muscles “fire” automatically before you move, without you even realizing it.

But when there is a breakdown or problem, often what happens during pregnancy and delivery, the body fires the core too late or not at all, which can lead to many things like lower back pain, urinary incontinence and still looking pregnant after you’ve lost all of your baby weight!

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