Pamper Your Pet with Last-Minute Gifts from Amazon

by Caroline Harris

Pamper Your Pet with Last-Minute Gifts from Amazon
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As you wrap up your holiday shopping, don’t forget about your furry friend! Pets love presents, too. It’s not too late to give them some love this holiday! We rounded up the best pet gifts on Amazon so you can have them in a couple days.


From little stocking stuffers like dog squeak toys to more life-enhancing items like cat scratching posts, these goodies will delight your pet for hours. Several double as darling home decor so they don’t interfere with your home’s aesthetic. It’s always the best possible scenario to find something both you and your pet baby can enjoy.


Looking for something functional, too? Save your furniture with the best chew toys for your pup. Cat got your tongue? Give ’em this. Are you more into pets of a smaller variety? No problem. We’ve even managed to discover some fab designs to amuse your guinea pig or fish.


Get your paws on these thoughtful gifts before it’s too late. There’s nothing sadder than a pet who thinks all the boxes under the tree are for them. These picks are small, affordable and perfect for showing your pet some holiday cheer!



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Yotache Small Dog Toys Set


If your dog loves variety, gift him with a toy pack! He's sure to find something he loves with ropes, plush toys and balls to choose from. All the toys are easy on the eyes and made of non-toxic, high-quality materials. We can't stop looking at that banana's face. Can you?

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SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys


Snag the number one bestseller in catnip toys. These skitter critters look totally sweet. The price is unbeatable, and the design is charming! The toys are infused with potent catnip, meaning your cat will be reaching for them again and again.

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ZippyPaws Pig Pen Dog Toy


These three little piggies are perfect for your pet! They make entertaining sounds and are made of soft fabric that works for a teething pup. Plus, they make conversation-starting accessories for your space!

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AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock


This cat scratching post is everything! Let your kitty scratch the day away on natural jute fiber. Once furry baby is exhausted from the exertion, a cat nap in an elevated hammock is just a hop away.

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Barkbox Full o' Fluff Pinata Squeaky Dog Toy


Dogs can party, too! This piñata will elevate your dog's play time from drab to fab. The colors are attention-grabbing, and the toy is made of high-quality stuffing. It's fiesta time!

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Rubie's Star Wars Yoda with Plush Arms Pet Costume


Yoda dog costumes are trending! Let your dog unleash the force in this set. Pretend it's a Baby Yoda costume. The kit comes with a costume shirt front and green headpiece. The costume is selling fast, so order soon to pamper your pet in time for the holidays. It's worth it at least for the 'gram.

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ZippyPaws Squeaky Fox, Racoon and Squirrel Toy


Dogs love chasing squirrels. Instead of letting your pet scare the local wildlife, opt for this adorable alternative. The toys come in fox, raccoon and squirrel designs, so you can experiment with them all to see which is your pet's favorite.

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Pet Craft Pawpsicles Cat Toy


These popsicle toys are the cutest items we've seen all day. The faces look like emojis and are perfect snuggle buddies for your four-legged friend. Your cat will be purring with delight!

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Ito Rocky Interactive Dog & Cat Food Food Puzzle Toy


Boost your dog or cat's IQ with a puzzle toy. Your pet turns the slow feeder to get its food, then plays with a puzzle. This toy will keep 'em entertained for hours while preventing your lil' fur baby from eating too fast.

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Pefuny Cat Window Perch


You knew about hammocks for humans, but what about for cats? This window perch will allow your cat to luxuriate in the sunshine! It's a fun and playful gift made of sturdy materials.

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Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer


This toy will set your cat sailing. It's a number one bestseller with a colorful style that both you and your cat will love. Warning: Make sure to always supervise your cat's play. Sometimes overeager cats can swallow toys like this one, so it's important to veer on the side of caution.

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EcoCity Feather Teaser Toy


Cats love feather teasers like this one. The materials are safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly. The colors are so vibrant. This toy really is the cat's meow!

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Kong Classic Dog Toy


This dog toy is a classic, and we love the pop of red. Stuff the rubber with peanut butter or dog treats to reward your pet for good behavior. Your dog will be wagging its tail in no time!

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Yipet Tug of War Rope Toy


Make sure your dog gnaws on a chew toy and not the couch! This tug of war rope will encourage your feisty friend to step away from the furniture and instead chew on a high-quality toy. The product is made of high-quality cotton and caters to aggressive chewers.

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PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Water Fountain


Your pet deserves the best. That's why it's worth it to invest in this water fountain. Encourage your pet to stay hydrated with up to five free-falling streams. A replaceable carbon water filter keeps water fresh. The design accommodates multiple pets, so you won't have to worry about your cats or dogs fighting over the water.

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Rubie’s DC Comics Wonder Woman Pet Costume


Launch your dog's career as an Instagram model with this amazing Wonder Woman costume. The set comes with a headpiece, dress and gold belt. Sizing runs from small to 3XL, so if you have multiple dogs they can all match! Talk about an iconic Christmas card in the making.

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Pawaboo Hedgehog Plus Dog Toy


These plush hedgehogs are totally cute! They'll look adorable alongside your dog. A soft squeaker will capture your dog's attention, while the lively shape will keep your dog happily occupied for hours. The toy is machine washable, chewable and durable.

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Best Pet Supplies Tent for Dog and Cat


Let your cats and dogs go camping! This tent has a plush interior perfect for your pet. It's designed to last, and its corduroy color will match any decor.

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Niteangel Twig Animal Hideout


Your furry friend will love nibbling and gnawing on these twig accessories. The twig hideout is 100 percent chewable and an ideal playpen for guinea pigs and rabbits. Made completely from handwoven willow, this five-star rated product gets great feedback on its look from customers.

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QUMY Large Aquarium Plant


Just keep swimming! Let your fishies live in style with a colorful plant that will take your aquarium to the next level. Your fish will enjoy playing peek-a-boo with the leaves, and you'll enjoy how the vibrant color brightens your space.