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I think I’m just going to do thoughts for the moment, because at any moment thoughts come in your head at anytime, and they can be so good, you just want to get them down. I thought about laughter and how I love it so. It’s such a great gift from God. I envy a person that can laugh at themselves or at life in general. That’s why I try to surround myself with laughing people; they just make me feel good. Out of all the things I love about life, hearing someone with a good laugh, to me, is the most beautiful sound in life. I laugh when things are really funny but some people just laugh at life all the time. I’ve chose some friends because of the way their laugh sounds. It’s so attractive to me. Not the fake laughs but the real true down in the gut laugh. It’s music to my ears when I hear laughter. I truly love the laughter of a baby. It sounds as though God was touching your spirit himself. I can’t get enough of it. Then it’s the beautiful sound of a child, I hate when they have to stop for air (I know it sounds cruel). The laughs are unique and as different as fingerprints. The beauty of it is it sounds like your favorite song you never get tired of hearing it. I tried to figure out why it was so hard for me to just laugh; oh I smile a lot, out of politeness, but just to be able to really laugh naturally. I think when I was growing up there wasn’t much to laugh at, you had to be strong and I was so serious about doing my jobs right no matter what it was it just wasn’t nothing funny enough for me. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I never laugh, but a good laughs were far and in-between. How do you learn how to laugh? My true friends, now they can make me laugh or I trying to make them laugh? It doesn’t come easy but I’m practicing daily so I can develop this good habit to have.

It’s something when you hear a genuine laugh; you hear a person’s innocence. Or maybe it’s the child that’s still hidden in a person. It seems like the older you get the less you laugh. When I see elders with a genuine laugh, you see youth in their face. Laughing a lot and feeling good slows the aging process. They say when you smile and laugh that the chemicals in the brain make your body and mind lifts up .So smile when you feel bad, just hold that grin for a few second and see if it will lift you spirits. I do. (Smile.)

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