Learn How to Burn More Calories in Your Day During Pregnancy

by Michelle Moss

Learn How to Burn More Calories in Your Day During Pregnancy

Is calorie counting on your mind?


I know that most women who are conscious about their weight do think about calories (yes, even when pregnant!), whether it’s how much they burned on their walks or how much they ate at lunch.


Rather than get stuck in the calorie rat race, TAKE CHARGE of your weight by learning the secret to burning more calories in your day.


But before I begin, I’d like to look at the trap that most women get stuck in.


What is it?


Most women wait too long to eat—thinking that missing a meal will benefit their weight. (Yes, even during pregnancy, unfortunately!) This is not true!


As strange as it sounds, the more times a day you eat, the more you will boost your metabolism! When you skip even one meal, your body “thinks” you are going into starvation mode and your metabolism slows down, not to mention your body will also suffer because the nutrients necessary for baby will be taken from your own stores.


To get your body working more efficiently, the goal is to eat smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day because it allows for (a) a slow steady burn of calories, (b) it reduces your overall appetite, (c) it speeds up metabolism from what is called the thermic effect of food (TEF factor), and (d) it’s a great help for indigestion!

So concentrate on mini meals throughout the day, and most of all, avoid the huge late night dinner—indigestion AND fat trap!


Have a great weekend!


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