Lesson Learned: Stick to What You’ve Always Said!

by admin

Lesson Learned: Stick to What You’ve Always Said!

We have an eighteen-month-old son, and since he was old enough to sit down and eat a meal, we’ve always said, “Every meal will be eaten at the dinner table, regardless of the time or type of food.” In our opinion, there isn’t much point to eat in front of a TV when you could spend time socializing with family. I’ve stuck to that rule through and through. Adyiah eats his meals at the table and everyone leaves the table at the same time. It doesn’t matter if his dad can’t make it home due to his coaching schedule; we still eat at the table when dinner is done.

Today however, I gave in more to my own selfish antics. My niece is over (four months), and finally went down for a nap. I thought it was the perfect time to get Adyiah some food and finish email his dad. WRONG!

I now totally believe in my dinner/eating rule and will follow it over and over again, LOL. I’m still laughing, trying to catch my breath at this minute. I never knew mac and cheese could fly so good! Light carpet—orange! His blonde hair—orange! Our black lab—yellow! LOL. Oh kids, kids, kids. I guess Mommy learned a lesson on that one.