Let’s Go Green

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Let’s Go Green

Cook time with Remmi is not just a cooking show, but we also like to be “green.” Here, we have a few tips for you and your kids on how to go green! 

Loco for Local!
Did you know that buying local groceries can help improve the environment? When you’re buying food that has to be shipped in, or transported from far away places, to your grocery store, more fossil fuels are being used. Therefore, buying locally grown and made foods can help save the environment. Also, buying local foods mean that your food is fresher. This means your food will taste better too.

Buying local products can be more expensive. However, at times, it may actually cost less if you take a second look. Next time, notice how much bigger a head of lettuce is when it’s grown locally and organically when compared to the head of lettuce you see at the supermarket. Also, some herbs and vegetables (such as artichokes) can be cheaper at the local farmer’s market than your neighborhood grocery store. 

Given, there still are locally produced foods that are more expensive, but it’s a small price to pay to save the environment. Plus, food really does taste better when it’s fresh! 

Remember: It’s better to pay a small price today than it is to pay a bigger price tomorrow. 

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