Letter to Julian and All the Grandsons of the World

by admin

Letter to Julian and All the Grandsons of the World

Being a woman and being the way I am, those who know me would have thought that I would be writing for my granddaughters, who are still somewhere waiting to come to me. Instead, you came to my life as a new miracle, because life is always in charge and in the end is not the way we plan it but the way it has to be.

And now you are here with your angel face and those huge, dark blue eyes, reminding me the most beautiful skies my eyes have ever seen in the Plaza Mayor in Spain. Through them and your newborn silence, a vision blew up my mind; my deepest desire of keeping your innocence and your transparent soul.

Precisely because you were born, I have wanted to weave these words into a silent conversation, so when that day comes when you abandon this fragile body to become a man, the heart of a newborn would still be able to guide your steps.

You must know that women are sacred and profane wonderful beings, created to bring the perfect balance of strength and weakness to the human race. Sometimes we find ourselves debating among love and hate, but love always takes over because we are made of it.

May love always win you over because it is the only divine power capable of regenerating and saving your soul.

I could tell you the whole story of my life but I am hoping to have enough time to share many moments with you. For now, just think about your grandmother as a woman, who was blessed by growing up in a paradise from which I wish I would have never left. But, time goes on and it is necessary to touch both, heavens and hells, the ones we ourselves create, in order to grow and learn and eventually, with a little bit of luck and guidance, return to what we were from the beginning.

Do not look for unnecessary hells that could add sadness to your life and the life of others.

We will keep our conversations in silence until one day you reply back and then our gates to our own personal paradise will be open.