Letter from Santa

by admin

Letter from Santa

My Great Granddaughter, Alysa, was five this past August and started to Kindergarten. She is very intelligent and absorbs everything she hears and sees just like a sponge. We are very proud of all her accomplishments.

A few weeks ago my Granddaughter Amy, Alysa’s mother, and I were in a Hallmark Card Store and found the perfect gift. It was a large brass key on a ring with an oval brass disk with a picture of Santa Claus on it. It was called a magic key because it allows Santa to enter the homes of children who do not have a fireplace.

We bought the key and disk to give to Alysa because we were afraid she was hearing that there is no “REAL” Santa Claus, and we are not ready for her to stop believing at such a young age.

Amy got the idea to write a letter to Alysa from Santa telling her to have her mother put the key on the front porch on Christmas Eve so he could use it to create a magic fireplace to use to get into her house to leave her presents. Every year before on Christmas Eve she slept at Grandma and Poppy’s house and they have a fireplace for Santa to use.

The key and letter were placed in a large envelope and addressed to Alysa. Old postage stamps were glued on the envelope to make it look authentic.

Alysa was away from home for the day at a party and when she returned Amy gave her the envelope. She tore it open and her mother read the letter and her eyes lit up with amazement that Santa would do this for her. Her belief was stronger than ever.

When she told me about the letter she was so excited I could imagine her face beaming as we talked on the phone. She told me she was going to put the key in her stocking so she would not misplace it before Christmas Eve and she was to keep for next year.

This small gesture calmed her fears that Santa could not get into her house on Christmas and instilled assurance that there really is a Santa Claus.