Licensed Family Child Care Homes – What you need to know

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Licensed Family Child Care Homes – What you need to know

Did you know that 85% of licensed family child care homes do not carry the liability insurance that they are required to carry.  Licensed family child care homes are required to carry $300,000 of liability insurance, they are required to have parents sign an affidavid acknowledging that the parents have been informed that the provider is uninsured.  What this means to you is, if your child is hurt or abused in an uninsured licensed family child care home you will have difficulty getting a lawyer to take on your case in the civil courts as they have no assurance they will be paid. It cost about $300/year for a small FCCH and $500/year for a large FCCH to purchase this insurance. 

Did you know that 1/3 of licensed family child care homes go out of business their first year?

Did you know that licensing visit a licensed family child care home on average once every 5 years?

As parents we have few choices for child care for our infants – Nationwide only 5% of child care center capacity is for infants (age 6 weeks – 2 years), these for profit child care centers only want to deal with the profitable segment of the market the pre-schoolers.

You can make a difference.  Spectrum Infant & Toddler Montessories a newly formed non profit is working hard to implement their business model , building and operating quality infant & toddler child care centers in the city of Irvine, the major employment hub of Orange County California, employing over 12% of Orange County’s workforce.  Their model will be made transparent to other organizations seeking to solve this problem.  To learn how you can get involved visit www.spectrummontessories.com