Life After Kayden Cole … My Beloved Son I Barely Got to Hold

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Life After Kayden Cole … My Beloved Son I Barely Got to Hold

I’m extremely happy to announce that I am six weeks pregnant but on the other hand scared to death.

November 27, 2007 the birthday of my son Kayden Cole Banks. Sounds wonderful. I was five and a half months pregnant, I had seen the doctor that day and I was worried something was or could be wrong. He assured me the baby was fine I was perfectly healthy no problems. At 4:30 a.m. that morning I awoke to the sharpest pain and my water gushing out all around me. A quick call to the champion EMS medics are on there way. When the medics get to my home, I had not moved off my bed. The woman asks me how far along I am and who my doctor is, I answer her and ask if she needs to check me. She tells me that she doesn’t think so. She informs her partner that she is going to get on each side of me and I’m going to walk. (Excuse my sarcasm but brilliant idea.) I’m frantically saying I can’t I can’t. No one listens to me. The two women medics grab each of my arms and pull me up and I’m walking now. I’m telling the medic something is coming out and she replies that it’s probably just my plug. Wrong.

I’m reaching into my sweats and telling them I can’t walk no more. The medics instruct me to sit, in which I can’t because at this point my little twenty-two week son is half-way out. As I’m standing in my living room by my couch with these medics looking on I catch my son in my hands. The medic then tells me that we have to go. I tell her I can’t go outside like this, it is November you know, she tells me well it looks like you don’t have a choice. My husband comes up to me and gets beside me and walks me down a flight of stairs while I hold our child between my legs to where a gurney is right at the bottom of the stairs.

Once in the ambulance the medic makes a phone call saying that we have a still birth, the whole time I’m watching my son’s heart beat and he’s making gasps with his mouth. She then gets off the phone and proceeds in cutting my umbilical cord, has me put my baby into something that looks like aluminum foil.

When we arrive at the hospital everything’s kinda fuzzy I remember holding my son for some time and watching his heart beating, all the while the nurse comes in and tells me there is nothing they could do he had no lung function and if he’d been born two weeks later that I’d be in Dallas … Every night I see my baby gasping for air that he didn’t have the lungs to breath and I think of what that woman medic said to me and how she treated me … and I just pray that no one will ever have to go through what I’ve been through because you’d think I would have a law suit, but no because my son would not have lived, my lawyer was not able to make a suit.