Life Is Crazy

by admin

Life Is Crazy

Summer vacation is over, but it was 107 degrees today. Go figure. Soon, I’ll be grabbing hot dogs at the football field and juggling homework and trying to keep the laundry clean for the next school day. Good news: I’ll be entering a new phase of life not having to drive the carpool because Clayton can do it for me. It’s wonderful and sad all at once. I won’t miss the two hours daily spent in the car, but I will miss the conversations and the keeping in touch.

England was the highlight of my summer—especially taking Stuart and Clayton both. It was great to go to the beach and to be with friends, but most of the summer was just a blur.

Somehow I got involved in planning my thirty-year high school reunion, which ate too much time but was fun and scary all wrapped up in one big package. I made a vow to run to Dillards for every skin care product available and also to become even more urgent in my life’s mission because time is spinning by so fast, and it waits for no man.
Clayton will be a senior and Stuart is right on his heels, and my cocker spaniel has cataracts, and I’m wondering if I will ever get to do everything that I wish I could. I want to take up cycling and go on one of those bike trips through France. I want to build a garden in front of my house that will make people stop just to smell my flowers and sometimes be caught taking pictures. I want to explore art and photography and take a watercolor class in the Cottswolds—just because.

I don’t know what it’s like to own a cat, but sometimes I wonder if I would like to know firsthand. I wish my house was clean, but I don’t want to get rid of my boys to find out what that’s like. Mostly, I just hope that when I’m here this time next year that I will be able to look back knowing that I did “seize the day” because life is crazy, and that’s really how I like it—even though I dream of moving to a log cabin in the Ozarks where I could grow my own vegetables and raise chickens.