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Life as a Single Mother

I never envisioned myself as a single mother. I think almost all of us envision our lives differently. I always thought I would be married with a husband and a home of my own. However things didn't quite go as planned and here I am a single mother. Their is no greater joy then being a mom though their are many bumps and potholes in the road of motherhood. My son is four and a half and looks like a little cherub angel. However my pride and joy has been diagnosed as not only being manic bi-polar but having ADHD. Every morning I give him his medicine and I think to myself. It will get better. He will get better. His outbursts of anger often leave me a wreck as I try to figure out what to do. How to handle this situation. I have no husband or boyfriend to help me through this so as I always have I walk this path with my head held high.

I work the graveyard shift at a local store so that I can spend my days and evenings with my son. Its not easy in the sleep department as I get what little sleep I can. However it is rewarding in many ways. I go to every school function and meeting. I have gotten involved in sports and reading groups. Though he often rebels and is deviant I make it my mission to keep him on track. I live paycheck to paycheck but always make sure he has what he needs. He is probably a bit spoiled but as my only child I expected that. I have gotten him interested in the arts and sit back and watch as he draws and paints one picture after another. An avid listener of music I watch with glee as he plays various instruments, dances and sings.

Though his father is not present in his life I have taken on that role as well. Playing football with him and cheering for him at soccer. I have learned that in life things aren't easy but with perseverance and strong will you can accomplish anything. I know things may be a bit of a struggle and the path ahead will certainly be filled with some and I say bring it on. I am a single mother and I am proud to be one. With faith and patience I believe my son with conquer his problems and grow up to be a success and even if he doesn't I will still be proud.

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