Life as We Know It

by admin

Life as We Know It

Life as we know it has changed since we were children. From the moment we conceived our children, our lives were forever and a day not the same. Even though our future children were not able to be felt, our invisible eye could look deep into our souls and see them.

As kids we played with our dolls babying them with crude caveman tactics. Flinging the dolls around as if they were a sack of potatoes. Children not coordinated with their movements held onto the dolls for safe keeping until they decided that the baby was in need of changing, then sought out any level spot to make their way through the laborious process of imaginary diaper changing.

Tea was set and all our stuffy and furry buddies came to have tea. Sometimes we invited our Dad to come and poor the tea. With the table small and cramped, Dad sat and made small talk with Henry the bear and Mr. Hoppers the bunny. All dressed in our Sunday best at the table, manners were first and foremost the event of the tea party. Tiny cookies on a lace-covered dish and lemonade in her finest china teapot gave the day spent with Dad the right amount of flair.

As time passed, the dolls were put away and the skates and teen magazine were the hottest trends in our teenager years. Dolls and teddy bears made room for makeup and boys. American Bandstand on our long Saturdays in a hot summer gave us hope the new hit on the block saw us and was singing to our hearts. We just knew they were gonna come to see us and ask us to marry them. Eardrums pounding in our heads, we screamed to our hearts’ content wanting and praying they would ask us to come up on stage to sing with them.

Now with the invention of cars, we discover that going to town meant finding boys out flexing their muscles and strutting their tail feathers to catch us looking at them. It was popular to have a car with a stereo that played all the hottest songs for that time. Our first kiss seemed to seal our future with no going back to our childhood; we had entered into a whole new life. Our mothers agape and dads looking for the gun, realizing it is too late to worry now—the little girl who just yesterday was having a tea party with Henry the Bear and Mr. Hoppers the bunny has passed through that rite of passage and is growing up.

As you read this article, I hope in some small way you can think back and wonder if Henry the Bear and Mr. Hoppers the bunny are still with that little girl having tea. Are they in their Sunday best and using manners at the table?