Listen and You Will Be Rewarded!

by admin

Listen and You Will Be Rewarded!

As parents it is easy for us to get aggravated with our children when they do something immature or what we may consider, just plain stupid. Just remember way back years ago, when you were just a young kid, and you defied all authority just to do something outrageously stupid. Making mistakes is just a part of growing up and learning from it and how to be an adult mature person. So parents, always remember to exercise the use of patience when dealing with your children.

To the kids and young adults trying to reach the mature adult level, you must also remember that when your parent’s warn you and caution you about things, listen, a lot of the times they are speaking from experience. Yes, you may be right to think that times have changed from the time when they grew up and now, but if you just listen to your parent’s wisdom and apply it to your life, a lot of the times you will prevent a lot of mistakes from happening in your life!

Remember one truth: parents only desire the betterment of their children. So do listen, respect and love your parents. There is no greater karma than that from parents. All your life you will suffer the pain of guilt, frustration, and despair. Do not allow these to overrule and live in your life . . . KIDS LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS AND FOLLOW THEIR WORDS OF WISDOM and all your life you will gain the fruit of your OBEDIENCE.