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Little Frog

I had a dream last night where I was sharing a house with another woman and we were getting ready to go somewhere. She was going one place and I was going somewhere else. I had a little frog with me and loved that frog. I would take real good care of it and when I got to my place where I was suppose to be, my little frog kept wanting to jump around. I found it at a window display where there were two men talking to one another. I was trying to keep my little frog my hurting itself and one of the men starting talking to me. However, I was more interested in my little frog. Then suddenly, my little frog was inside the display, and I was watching it very closely making sure it didn’t get hurt. And the man that was talking to me, well he seemed nice but that was all. Then my little frog was giving me a hard time about staying put, so we went home. Then I’m back again at my house and my friend was telling me to get up and I realized that I had peed on myself. But I didn’t realize I had done so, until I had gotten to a theater. Then I woke up. It wasn’t scary or anything but, it sure did make me wonder.

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