Little Man

by admin

Little Man

My sister has a four-year-old. He is without a doubt the most perfect child ever.

I know those of you with nieces, nephews, sons, and daughters may feel that those children are the most perfect ever. But sadly, you are wrong. Because my nephew, the most perfect child ever, is indeed the MOST. PERFECT. CHILD. EVER!

As Most Perfect Child Ever is a bit long, for the sake of brevity, we will now call him Little Man. But never forget that Little Man is just shorthand for MOST. PERFECT. CHILD. EVER!

So Little Man started a pre-school/pre-K kind of thing last week and I was the recipient of email reports on how he was doing. Only the names have been changed …

Monday—green check for good behavior.

Tuesday—green check for good behavior and a trip to the nurse because someone bit him!

Wednesday—no green check; in trouble repeatedly for trying to escape the classroom!

Thursday—Little Man had a nosebleed at school, and he got mad at the nurse for trying to clean his nose and he bit the nurse, but he still got a green check for good behavior!

Friday—green check today; sat quietly at snack time.

How funny is this kid? Trying to escape the classroom, biting nurses—he’s got spunk!