Little Miss Muffet

by admin

Little Miss Muffet

I received an email from the school where my two middle children attend. Apparently Little Miss Muffet and Spiderman had an altercation over whether Spiderman was allowed to purchase breakfast because he had already eaten breakfast at home. I was already leaving my first home visit when I received this email; happily walking away from another family and their problems. Smiling because my life just couldn’t be that bad. 

My first thought was, why did the school have to notify me of this? I dropped them off to you, I really don’t need to know what happens when they are there as long as I can pick them up and they are relatively unharmed. OK, I know that sounds harsh, but isn’t that the school’s view. You can take them home at night, but they must be returned the next day relatively unharmed. Oh, wait, that’s the library books.

Little Miss Muffet had a tough time this morning sitting on her tuffet. She preferred to talk non-stop, as is her way, rather than eat her curds and whey; aka: breakfast. I finally had to cut her off and make her get dressed. Before getting out of the car I told her under no circumstances is she to buy breakfast at school. She should have made a wiser choice this morning by eating her breakfast instead of getting into everyone else’s business. I suppose this translated in my sweet little child’s mind as, under no circumstance am I going to let anyone else in my life enjoy their morning by feeding themselves.

I’m sure this led to Spiderman having a meltdown right there in front of 800 other children, weeping and bawling because he is thirsty and just wants chocolate milk.

I have toyed with the idea of homeschooling my children, but when I receive emails like this I just take a deep breath and say, at least I don’t have to deal with this for another six hours.