The Little Pink Bra

by admin

The Little Pink Bra

“Today, you got your first bra. You’ve been asking me for one the past few months. I was not sure you needed one, mostly because I was in denial. Lately, you kept on asking, even offering to buy one with your own money. Reluctantly, I gave in; there was something in your eyes which convinced me. A few hours later, when I saw you tried it on; I could hardly keep the tears from coming.” It’s been three years, and my own journal entry reminds me of what used to be. My little girl is grown up now, entering new terrain … the teenage years!

How time flies, and yet we are left with precious memories, lessons learned and even a better character. Raising elementary school children can be a challenging and exciting experience. The years come and go, and before we know it our children are facing adulthood.  Have we done all we can during their early years to prepare them for what lies ahead? Have we really experienced parenthood to the fullest and enjoyed it to the maximum? We cannot appreciate and value the present, as long as we dwell in the past or ambition the future.

The elementary years can bring us closer together to our children and form a bond, which cannot be broken. For instance, if your five-year-old wants to settled down and be cuddled a while, grab a blanket and forget the dishes. Your child needs to know they are your number one priority. Your six-year-old wants to “read” to you her first story; why not take the time and listen even when your next appointment is on your mind. Praise your seven year old for feeding the puppy. He needs to know you have taken notice of his hard work and willingness to please you. Cheer for your eight-year-old during those cold and windy baseball games, having you on the sidelines will boost his confidence. Next time your nine-year-old wants to go on a sleep over, never ever send her away without first getting to know her friend’s family. Your child’s safety is of great value. When your ten year old starts noticing the changes in her body, don’t neglect to have an honest and calming talk. Every moment we invest in our children can be a reward for future years. All our efforts and hard work is not in vain. Soon enough we will reap a great harvest, as we look up and see a healthy, well-adjusted human being.  
The day my daughter asked me for a bra, I was in disbelief. I could not come to grips with the idea of my little girl growing up. Can it be true? How often I wished she would be all grown up during those nights when thunder scared her. I remember having to help her through hours of homework. How could I forget the days she needed me almost constantly. Now here she was, asking for her first bra; and here I was, (with a knot in my stomach) letting her try one on! I got to admit, I was sure my daughter would not find a small enough bra. I was even certain she would try it on and decide to wait a few more years. But to my amazement and dismay when she tried the little pink bra … she looked just right.