Living As a Single Parent

by admin

Living As a Single Parent

I just wanted to be an encouragement to single moms and dads; you know it is not an easy task but they are our miracles and, for me, lifesavers. I use to think, Oh, this is too much with everything being all on my shoulders and all but I’ve decided to think more positively about my whole situation. Some people can’t have kids so there it is look at how blessed we truly are.

Yes, they fight and call our name fifteen hundred times a day but what would we do without hearing those cries, or their laughter—and don’t forget the way they sometimes say things and how it touches our hearts. “Mommy, I love you,” or “Don’t give up, Mom.” Wow, one day I was really going through and my little six-year-old was in the back seat and out of nowhere she says, “Mom, don’t give up.”

I knew it was God speaking through this little angelic baby to tell me it’s okay and that everything is going to be alright . God truly recognizes where we are and how we need him and our wonderful gifts that he offers to us. So the very next time you are discouraged, look into those beautiful eyes of your children and see how they think of you and how they love you. Yes, it might be hard but it is so worth it!