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Locked In

The other night the kids and I were sitting around watching Cinderella. Saadia gets up to go to the bathroom, and two minutes later I hear her knocking on the bathroom door. I shout down the hall telling her to stop playing. She says “The door’s locked Mommy!” So I go down there and sure enough she had locked herself in.

I tell her to just chill for a minute and I would get her out. I go to the tool/junk drawer and start looking for something to pick the lock with. She is banging at that point “I WANNA GET OUT MOMMY!” So I start getting more frantic. I grab Silas and put him in his crib so that I could focus on finding something without him being under foot.

I grab the drawer out, and dump it on the floor. I’m looking for something I could poke in the hole, a screwdriver, a nail, an axe, ANYTHING! I keep yelling down the hall “Don’t worry baby, I’m gonna get you in just a minute!” Saadia says “GET ME NOW MOMMY!” Saniya is buzzing around … “What did Saadia do Mommy?” I tell her that Saadia locked the bathroom door and I’m trying to find something to open it with. She stands over me pointing at stuff … “How bout this Mommy?” No baby, a wrench won’t open the door.

At this point there are 1001 screws, nails, nuts, bolts, and allen wrenches strewn all over the kitchen floor. I had spread everything out and was literally picking things up, examining it, then tossing it to the side. I keep reassuring her that its going to be okay. Silas is screaming, Saniya is hovering, Saadia is starting to cry … I’m sweating.

What to do, what to do … only about ten minutes have passed, but I’m about thirty seconds away from kicking the door down. I tell Saniya to go keep her sister company, while I keep looking. She goes and I hear them chatting …

Saniya: Don’t worry Saadi, I’m here.

Saadia: Okay.

Saniya: What are you doing?

Saadia: I’m just locked in.

Saniya: Did you lock the door?

Saadia: Yes, I locked it, cuz I was playing with it.

Saniya: Then just lock it again.

Saadia: How?

Saniya: Just turn it and lock it again!

Saadia: Okay! (Click)

And they both come running down the hall. I never thought to tell her to unlock the door …

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