Looking Back

by admin

Looking Back

There are times in your life when you want to stop running and look back. That’s human nature. It just happens; you just want to go down memory lane—the reasons could be anything. Some memories make you laugh, some make you cry, some make you feel embarrassed. There are some memories that you prefer to remember so that you don’t make a similar mistake in the future. Some of them you want to forget, but can’t—you have to live with it.

There are many memories you try to or want to capture somewhere and for ever. Today Facebook and YouTube are mediums for walking down memory lane. As I’m writing this article at 12:45 a.m., coincidently the radio is also playing songs of walking down memory lane.

There was one of these funny incidents that took place when I was in my eighth grade. I was in 8C and this incident took place in 8B. Sister Margaret was the History teacher for both of our sections. Flavia was in 8B, always up to some mischief. So, when Sister Margaret entered to take their history class, Flavia said, “Sister, your class is over.” Sister Margaret was absent-minded and students would take advantage of that. She went back to the staff room. Meanwhile, all the students of 8B walked out of their class and entered our class. We all had a hearty laugh on hearing what happened, but our enjoyment didn’t last long. In my class, Mrs. Vaz was supposed to come for the Maths class. She walked along with Sister and Flavia was sent down to the principal’s office. Now, when I think of Sister Margaret, I feel there must have been something in her life that made her absent-minded and sort of wanted to stay away from everybody.

I always wish I could become a little girl again. I miss those days when my mother used to sing songs to us in our mother tongue and playing with my elder sister and me. Life was so carefree then. My father’s funny stories never had an ending; his stories were always “Once upon a time, there was a hunter. He was in the jungle hunting and he saw beautiful birds perched on a tree. Then he fired a shot and all the birds flew.” When my sister and I asked what happened, he used to say, “They are still flying.” That was it—the birds, according to my father’s story, never stopped flying.

I learned how to ride a bike on my own when I was very small. I never used to use the brakes, so I landed in the society dustbin just to avoid Rasal Uncle as he was standing at that point where I had to take a turn. Everybody started laughing and I started crying, all the more because I had landed myself in the dustbin. Eek! Now, I just keep laughing whenever I think of that incident.

Once I was really crazy about an actor some say is one of the best India will ever have. His name is Aamir Khan; he was called “chocolate boy” in the initial days of his career. I was in the fifth grade at the time when his first movie was released. When I reached sixth grade, I had bought so many of his postcards and used to look at them everyday (though I wasn’t crazy enough to put his poster on my room wall). I wrapped all his postcards very nicely and kept them in my personal diary. Now, I don’t even open the wrap to look at the postcards. 

I always hated studying and used to wait eagerly when my parents would go out so that I could watch television. The moment they left home, I would run and switch on the TV. And when I used to hear the sound of my father’s bike, I would switch off the TV, keep the remote the same way it was kept before, and run back to my room. Somehow I still can’t figure out how my mother understood that I was watching TV.

A few years ago, I had been interviewed for a recruiting position. The firm is very well-known in the field of recruitments. I unknowingly poured all my grievances about my previous recruitment company, which had shut down. The lady who was interviewing me gave me a piece of her mind. For some time, I did feel bad, but today if any candidate tells me the same thing about their company, I make them understand.

A few years down the line, I will read this article and remember that I finished writing it at almost 3:00 a.m. (with the help of a candle as there is no electricity and it’s so hot in this summer). Today will become the past by tomorrow and that will become a memory. Some of them you would want to share with everybody and some of the memories you should just keep them to yourself. One is always looking into the past for whatever reason he or she has. That’s human nature and I will not agree if anybody says they always look forward and never at the past. That’s impossible.