Love Letter for Dad

by Anrei Reyes

Love Letter for Dad

Dear Dad,


You know I love you so much.
You give me everything I need; even those things I don’t ask.
You really know how much I love surprises.
Of course you were the one who made that, the one who made me.
You are always with me even in my wildest adventures, the good ones and the bad ones, yet you get mad in the bad one but not hate.
You are with me in my darkest days, and you put candle to light the path of my way.
You are with me in my most painful moments and take away the hurt that causes the pain..
You heal all wounds brought by the world..
I know how much you love me; you love me so dearly like you will give the whole world.


I know how much you love me,
right at this moment,
the air I breath, the water I drink, the food I eat.
You gave me parents that love me so much, my siblings, my relatives and friends.
My brothers and sisters in SFC.
The friends I met in my call center training.
And all matter that surrounds me that you created in order for me to live.


I know you have a very great plan for me that’s why all of these years you kept me living.
You send angels to save from sudden death.
Remember I was drowned on a beach in my childhood years.
I was almost forgotten during my relatives because they were busy evacuating our things when  a great flood came.
And more …


This letter is maybe enough to thank you for all and I hope you appreciate it somehow.
I remember Dad, I wrote a letter in a note closer to this one back in my high school years, remember?


Truly Yours,


Your Princess