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The Love of a Mother

“Mother love is supposed to be one of the strongest emotions ever observed in all creations.” I just read this sentence from an article and I really agree. Me as a mother, share a very unique kind of love, that hardly described, not compared to, a high regard form of expression, not able to break that chain … love to my children.
I may not be successful in any endeavor of my own life but I am very proud that I was given a chance to bear three children. Giving birth at the age of twenty-two is such a challenge, neither of us had any experience on how to hold a baby, no formal education on how to feed, cloth, care for a sick baby, change diapers, or mix an infant’s milk. But thanks to God, true as what they say … you can learn when you are into that situation and I did!
When my eldest was six and youngest was four years old, I landed a job by chance. Good for me … but it was very tough being an office girl and a mother at the same time and I had to make a lot of adjustments. In addition to prior old duties, I also had to get out of bed as early as four in the morning to clean, wash, prepare food, bathe the kids, and iron their uniforms. And after that five in the afternoon break in the office another things waiting at home ... I prepared food, helped the kids with their assignments, and I never slept until the kids finish their evening prayers, and I would spend time with my husband. Whew! Can you do that? Not a joke! Very stressful for a young mother like me. Until it was my personal choice to stop working when I delivered my third baby. It was a decision I have to make to give more time to my children. I would be happier if I can personally see and check my kid’s needs.
Now, my children have grown. My eldest at twenty, my second at nineteen, and my third at twelve … and I am still raising them until they graduate and get out on their own.
I am a happy, fulfilled mother for I was able to get them through their critical years (ot so much yet to my youngest). My children grew with respect and above all fear to God. These are the two things I always teach them. Also, to be humble in their ways and consider all people equal, the family bondage will forever remain, education is the only inheritance we can give, being helpful, to overcome material things. In return, I found my sons being liked by people around them.

Yes, I cannot barter to anything in this world, my children. The love for them will forever be in my heart even when I turn to ash. Even to this time that my children have grown never I neglect to say, “I love you” in text and in verbal. And as expected they too answered me back, “I love you mama.”  Is it not a joy for us mother to hear these sweet little magic words? It can ease the pain we are into, it lessen the stress we have, it makes us to be stronger, it gives us hope, it reminds us that we are not alone suffering whatever burdens we have, it helps us stand when we are about to fall, it make us aware how thankful they were that we sacrificed our lives to them, trying not to become old but to extend the youthfulness so we can still see them successful on their chosen fields  
Love for our husbands, friends, relatives, and neighbors can fade away, but the love for parents and children will always remain. How would you describe a person when he says that his love to his parents or children already dies? He should not have a space on earth! Believe in karma! Being loved is the Love of God to us ...

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