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A Love That Never Been Heard

This poem is dedicated to all children who ignore their parents and failed to show their love to them. I hope this will be awakening for children to rectify their shortcomings to their parents. Love your parents before it’s too late …

A Love That Never Been Heard

In her soft voice she said I love you
As if I did not hear and I left
Thinking she’s overacting
Taking my attention and begging.
For a long time she’s been sick
I’m getting bored and tired of it
I was used to her pain and moaning
Which is annoying and irritating.
But her last words bother me
Kept me awake all through the night
Remembering all the past in life
Good and happy memories coming back.
Now I realize how good my mother was
Her love for us is boundless
Her sacrifice is endless
Without us her life is meaningless.
I will rectify my shortcomings
I’ll show her that I’m loving and caring
Tomorrow will be a new day for her
A new son will stand in front of her.
Excited and happy to see her
But the bad news suddenly came
She expired just now before dawn
She never heard what I’m suppose to say.
Now I stood in front of her
I want to express what I feel for her
I want to shout that I love her
But it’s too late and never be heard.
Now I know I love her so much
But she never felt it when she’s alive
My shortcomings I want to compensate
To my brother and sister that she left.

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