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10 Devastating Mistakes You’re Making on Your Tinder Profile

by Jasmine Gordon

10 Devastating Mistakes You’re Making on Your Tinder Profile

If your attempts at using the popular dating app Tinder have resulted in disappointment, your profile could be to blame. Discover 10 of the mistakes women are most likely to make when attempting to use the popular mobile platform to find love matches.


Are you hoping your next swipe right results in more than disappointment? You’re not alone.


While a Tinder profile is often used to find hookups, your chances of finding lasting love may be better than you think. In fact, the app’s PR team claims to be responsible for over a thousand engagements. Even Hillary Duff is reportedly looking for someone to share a pizza with on the app!


Whether your idea of a Tinder success story is a wedding announcement or a blissful, no-strings-attached makeout session in the corner of the local bar, poor success with the app doesn’t mean you’re undateable. You could be one of the millions of women using the app making mistakes with their Tinder profile. Are you guilty of any of the following?


1. Too Many Group Photos
Remember, for most Tinder users, impressions are made in first seconds. You earn right or left swipes based primarily on your first photo. Many users don’t actually open up your profile to read your bio or explore your other snapshots. Ensure that your first photo on the app isn’t a group shot. If it’s impossible to decipher which of your friends is you based on your first picture, you may be earning ill-deserved left swipes.


2. Too Few Photos
Tinder users are provided with the potential for five photos. That’s a lot of space for illustrating your lifestyle, appearance, and interests. While you don’t necessarily need to max out your photos, uploading additional shots can certainly offer more insight into who you are. It’s also likely to yield more matches, too!


3. It Doesn’t Reflect Who You Are
Your snowboarding pictures taken last winter at Vail may be a bit misleading if you were dragged there under duress by your parents. If your matches are trending toward adventurous types and your idea of an outdoors excursion is rooftop mimosas, it may be time for an images makeover. Regardless of how indoorsy or outdoorsy you are, be sure that your Tinder pictures are reflective of you and your real world interests, whether that’s bookstores, dive bars, music festivals, or art museums.


4. You Have Photos with Your Ex
Do you have photos taken with an ex? Then you are definitely giving the impression that you’re either not single or you’re very much not over your last love. Both are pretty undesirable to prospective matches.


The same goes for photos of any duo, even if it’s just a friend. No one can really tell if the other person in your photos is your ex-boyfriend, your current wife, your brother, or your favorite coworker. They just see you with a potential rival. Always strive for as many solo photos as possible.


5. Obvious Photoshopping
Using photo-editing tools to trim off 40 pounds or drastically change your appearance won’t do you any favors in the long run. It’s disingenuous at best.


However, obvious photoshopping used in an ironic manner? That’s entirely different. Photoshopping your own head onto a meme or a block of cheese can display your sparkling wit in a way that’s just endearing.


6. Too Many Silly Selfies
There’s nothing wrong with one or two flattering or ironic selfies. A little duck face or mirror action never hurt anyone’s chances of maximizing their Tinder matches. If all five photos of your photos are oddly angled selfies, it’s probably not helping. Opt for at least one full body shot, and strive for a variety of activities and settings to portray you as what you are—a fascinating, lively prospective date.


7. You Don’t “Like” Enough Facebook Pages
Heavy Facebook users have an automatic advantage over their friends who prefer Instagram and Twitter. Common Facebook likes are displayed to your prospective matches, giving you instant topics of conversation if you share a favorite author, band, or neighborhood bar. If you’ve typically kept your Facebook fan pages to a minimum, it may be time to consider a switch to fan girl status, even if it’s just temporarily.


8. Not Being Clear about What You’re After
Looking for a hookup? No judgment. While Tinder started out as a no-strings-attached app, it has quickly evolved into much more. If your idea of a great time looks more like sushi and rock climbing than kissing in the back of a cab, say so. Be clear. By expressing that you’re looking for a boyfriend or a hookup, it can maximize your chances of finding someone who’s after the same.


9. You Don’t Show Your Face
For many of us, online dating is risky business. The awkward potential of being seen by our coworkers, managers, friends, and family is very real and very uncomfortable. However, avoiding showing your face isn’t necessarily the best tactic and certainly won’t result in an abundance of well-qualified prospective dates. If anonymity is a must, we recommend obscuring part of your face—or picking another dating platform entirely!


10. Your Bio Is Blank or Wasted Space

Will explaining that you grew up in Phoenix, studied in Nashville, and now live in New York, all done with cutesy airport abbreviations, offer insight into your personality? Unlikely. Your Tinder profile bio matters. Whether you choose to fill it with humor, interests, or preferences in matches is entirely up to you. Just be sure it’s reflective of who you are and what you’re after.


When meeting someone from Tinder or any other online dating platform, exercise common sense. Always scope out prospective matches on social media before your meet-up. Arrange to meet in a public place, and be sure that at least one trusted friend knows of your plans. Have fun, be safe, and happy swiping!


Okay, confession time. Are you guilty of any of these (or other) Tinder profile mistakes?