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10 Differences Between A Short-Term And Long-Term Relationship

by Sierra Burgos

10 Differences Between A Short-Term And Long-Term Relationship

Read on to find what exactly changes the longer you’re in a relationship. There comes a point when you can finally poop in peace, ya know?




A brand new flame can be exciting and fun, but there’s no denying the comfort of a long-term relationship with your best friend. You no longer have to worry about shaving your armpits or farting around your S.O. Here are 10 things that change when your relationship goes from short-term to long-term.

1. Texting

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Short-Term: You analyze every word of their texts, right down to the emojis. Does the kissy face mean it’s real? Your heart flutters every time your phone buzzes with a new message from your sweetie. OMG, he said I’m cute—with a winky face!

Long-Term: You know their exact schedule, so you know when to expect a text from them and what they’ll likely say. Your conversations go something like this: “I mailed our tax forms,” or “Will you pick up milk on the way home?”

2. Getting Ready

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Short-Term: You definitely block out a couple of hours before you see them, just in case. You need to shower, shave, moisturize, spend time on your makeup and hair, and probably try on a few different outfits before deciding on the final look.

Long-Term: *sniffs shirt* *keeps watching Netflix*

3. Going on a date




Short-Term: You indulge in a romantic candle lit dinner where you order a sensible flatbread and your date courteously pays. You wear that dress that makes your boobs look ah-mazing. The two of you flirt like crazy all night, silently sweating in anticipation of what’s to come.

Long-Term: You order an entire Domino’s pizza for yourself, and only share if your S.O. provides the wine.

4. Sleeping in the same bed




Short-Term: You wear cute booty shorts and spray your pillows with perfume to give the illusion that you sweat vanilla. Aww babe, you’re the cutest, let’s spoon all night!

Long-Term: You know that spooning all night isn’t realistic nor is it comfortable, so you doze off hardly touching (with separate blankets, because you learned the hard way that your S.O. likes to steal the entire comforter).

5. “I woke up like this”



Short-Term: You sneak away to the bathroom as soon as you wake up in the morning to fix your appearance in the mirror. You might even dab on a little makeup, crawl back in bed, and then you pretend you woke up at the same time.

Long-Term: You jolt awake with a snort, realizing you took up the entire bed and drooled all over their pillow. You may look like you got hit by a bus, but they still snuggle you anyway.

6. Netflix and Chill

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Short-Term: Let’s cuddle and then 5 minutes into the movie, whoops, we’ll have sex.

Long-Term: “Can you shut UP, I’m trying to watch Grey’s!”

7. Pooping




Short-Term: You don’t want them to hear you tearing up their bathroom, so you keep it pinched until you’re home and can release as you please. And if you absolutely can’t hold it, you’re sure to mask the smell with Febreze. Because they can’t know that your shit smells like shit.

Long-Term: Oh, you’re trying to shower? Brushing your teeth? Don’t mind me, I’m just gonna have a quick poop. You won’t even know I’m here.

8. Getting to know each other




Short-Term: Babe, I’m just dying to know everything about you. What keeps you up at night? What are you obsessed with? What’s your dirty little secret? Tell me everything.

Long-Term: You get bad gas when you eat spicy food, you enjoy picking scabs, and you have a Care Bears collection? I know way more than I bargained for…

9. Fighting




Short-Term: You hate fighting and just want to make your S.O. happy. You always try to see their point of view and you can’t wait to snuggle them back up in your arms again when you make up in a couple hours.

Long-Term: WTF are you yelling about?!

10. Having sex




Short-Term: You shave EVERYWHERE, pick out your cutest undies or lingerie, light candles, and maybe even play music. This has to be perfect.

Long-Term: “I’m horny and we’re gonna bang.”