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10 Signs He’s About to Propose

by Ladies Home Journal

10 Signs He’s About to Propose

Could your man be planning to pop the question? Read on for the top 10 signs that he’s about to propose from Fred Cuellar, author of The World’s Greatest Proposals.


1. He’s cleaning out his closet



If your boyfriend is finally tossing out that “private” box of mementos from former girlfriends, he is letting go of his past and is ready to focus on the future with you.


2. He’s sizing you up



Your favorite ring is missing and your best friend has been asking the size of your finger. Chances are, your boyfriend is doing some investigating before visiting the jeweler.


3. He’s cutting costs



Dates have gone from gourmet dining to drive-through dinners — if your boyfriend is suddenly being thrifty, he may be saving up for a big purchase.


4. He goes for the gold



Many men open gold credit cards with higher spending limits to make the expensive ring purchase and snag some frequent flyer miles in the process.


5. He’s on the “We” channel



If his conversations no longer start with “my” but with “our,” he is definitely ready to move out of singlesville.


6. He’s family-oriented



Your boyfriend is enthusiastically organizing a get-together with both of your families. An anxious interest in “meeting the parents” is a true sign he’s ready for the next step.


7. He’s watching weddings



You attend a friend’s wedding and are shocked at your boyfriend’s commentary on the music, flowers, and food. Even more surprising — he encourages you to catch the bouquet!


8. He’s letting go of “The Bachelor” inside



He’s sold his scooter and canceled his weekly poker games. A mature lifestyle change means marriage is sounding more meaningful to him than ever before.


9. He’s a man with a plan



Your socially laid-back guy suddenly insists on prior plans, and instead of waiting until Friday night to plan your weekend, he’s making arrangements Tuesday or earlier. He may have a certain social “engagement” that he doesn’t want you to miss.


10. He’s your dad’s new golf partner



If a close connection has developed between your dad and your boyfriend it’s more than likely that they’ve had “the talk.”