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14 Affordable Valentine’s Day Dates That Won’t Make You Look Cheap

by Chelsea Holdom

14 Affordable Valentine’s Day Dates That Won’t Make You Look Cheap

Stuck with ideas on how to spoil your SO this Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank? We’ve rounded up 14 cheap and cheerful date ideas for you to try this February 14!




Go On A Winter Adventure



Although Valentine’s Day lands in the middle of winter, don’t let that stop you from exploring! Nothing makes you feel more connected than immersing in nature. Search Google for a scenic hike near you, pack a thermos of soup and hot drink of your choice and hit the road (with at least an extra layer of clothing to be safe). Better yet, keep going with the outdoors theme when the hike is done and have a campfire with s’mores to see the night out!




Prepare A Romantic Dinner–With A Twist!



We all know the lovingly home-cooked and candle lit dinner works like a charm. But how about shaking it up a bit this year? Set a theme that you’re both into and go with it! An outdoorsy couple? Move the furniture out and set up a picnic inside, complete with a picnic blanket, and whip up some tapas to share! Feeling young at heart? Build a fort together and cook up a storm of all your favorite childhood meals. Feel like being a little fancy? Make it a casino night by dressing up and playing casino games between courses.




Test Your General Knowledge



Challenge yourselves this February 14 by signing up for a trivia night! Many local pubs, bars, and community halls will put on weekly trivia nights for free or at a low cost. You can even find fundraiser trivia nights in the local paper! Catch up on current events all while enjoying a drink and the hilarious conversations that arise when you’re trying to decide on your answers.




Get Active



We all know exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins are responsible for our feelings of pleasure, so why not put two and two together and get active with your partner this Valentine’s Day? The best part is there are so many free and easy ways to do it! A quick Google search will likely unveil a free or pay-by-donation yoga class in your area, you could rent some bikes and go cycling in the park, or even try some indoor rock climbing together if you’re feeling adventurous! Who knows, one Valentine’s date could be the start of a healthy and active lifestyle together.




Go On An Old School Date



So many go-to dates from our teenage years have faded from the radars, but what better day than Valentine’s to revive them for a fun and affordable date night! Most cities will offer discount bowling (like Instagrammer no_wire_hangers and her date!) throughout the week and mini golf is always a winner on the cheap date front. Top it off with a visit to an arcade or ice cream parlor after, and you’ve really relived your budget teenage years.




Volunteer Your Time



Give back this Valentine’s and do something together that will make you feel warm and fuzzy without breaking the bank! All it takes is a little creativity and research to find out what volunteer options there are in your community that will suit you both and your schedules. There are so many options… you could take dogs for a walk from the local animal shelter, serve food at a soup kitchen, build homes for Habitat for Humanity, or get involved with activities at a senior center. Whatever you decide, you will likely have just planned your most rewarding date yet!




Try Open House Hopping



Want to try something completely different this Valentine’s Day? How about trying open house hopping! The concept is simple: Look up the open house listings for whatever day you choose to go, pick some houses to check out (ranging from ridiculously fancy to maybe within your price range), and take a tour! Some couples go so far as to glam up for the occasion. Either way, it’s a fun way to figure out the future ideals of your partner, check out some new spots in your city and eat free cookies!




Go Ice Skating



Nothing spells “adorable winter date” like going to an outdoor rink and showing off your skills or learning new ones together. Better yet, if you already have your own skates then it’s usually free. If not, they’re not too expensive to rent. Or if it’s not quite cold enough where you are for an outdoor rink, find your local indoor one! Top it off with a thermos of homemade hot chocolate for afterward and you’re in for a winner this Valentine’s Day.




Find Some Live Entertainment



From music to comedy, there’s always something cheap and cheerful to be found! A great way to find out what’s happening in your area is by going to the Facebook Events tab and clicking on “Events Near You.” Each event you click on from here will also give you a list of suggested events, meaning you’ll be spoiled for choice. Otherwise, check out your local newspaper closer to February 14 for listings like musicals and open days happening around town.




Play At A Boardgame Café



Board game cafes have taken the world by storm, so why not join in on the fun this Valentine’s Day! It usually works by paying a set fee and playing as many games you want for as long as you want. But if you really feel like having a date in your pajamas, you could always set your own one up at home! Find some games from family, friends, or thrift stores and prepare some favorite cafe recipes like one of these delicious smoothies or these guilt-free pancake ideas.




Cheer On A Local Sports Team



Are you a sporty couple but don’t want to break the bank on expensive pro game tickets? Try going to an amateur game in your city this Valentine’s Day! Check out what’s on offer from your local college, high school, or semi-pro teams through local papers and team websites. Ticket prices are super reasonable (and usually beer prices are too), making it a budget-friendly way to have fun while supporting your local community!




Start A Project Together



Always wanted to build some furniture or get your bedroom organized but never found the time? Thinking about starting an herb garden to spice up those romantic dinners? Well seize the day this Valentine’s and start up a project together! Put on some motivating tunes, grab a bottle of your favorite wine, and let those creative juices flow. Not only will you grow closer from working together and problem-solving, but you’ll end up with something you can both be proud of!




Discover Something New



Often we forget to explore the place we live in and appreciate its culture, so take the chance to wander a museum or art gallery near you this Valentine’s Day! These sorts of dates are perfect if you’re a little nervous about where the conversation will go as there is always so much to discuss throughout the exhibits, and the added bonus is that they’re usually quite affordable. Check the website before you go, as many offer free or discounted days, then get exploring! It’s been made even easier for Bank of America customers, as their Museums On Us promotion lets you enjoy free admission to over 150 museums throughout the U.S.




Go On A Treasure Hunt



You’ve got two options for this one! The first is to set up a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt yourself, for just the two of you. Have clues that come with treats like date coupons (think along the lines of ‘One Massage From Yours Truly’) and favorite candies or baked goods. Have the clues lead to your local hot spots or just around the house, finishing with a romantic setup. The second is to sign up for a free Geocache account, download the app and go live treasure hunting! There are over 2 million geocaches worldwide, and the app uses GPS to help you locate your nearest one. When you find one, you must replace it with something of equal or greater value, so do some treasure hunting yourself and find new and unused items from around the house to save money and use as your geocaches!