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15 Surprising Facts about Men and Sex

by Jasmine Gordon

15 Surprising Facts about Men and Sex

Think you’re a budding sexpert? While you may be well-versed in female orgasms and sex positions, some of the research surrounding men and sex could surprise you. There’s not much question that men and women are wired a little differently when it comes to thinking about satisfying sex. But are there more similarities than you ever thought possible? Join us as we count down 15 surprising, shocking, and little-known facts about men and sex.


Orgasms and Ejaculation Aren’t the Same



While the majority of male orgasms occur at the moment of ejaculation, these two events aren’t always the same.


It’s a Relief



Most women know that for men, sex can be a major way to find release; but only 11% of men have admitted to using sex to deal with stress.


They Care about Penis Size



Men believe that penis size is the third most important physical feature. Women aren’t so worried, ranking it in ninth place.


Average Wait Varies



There really is no such thing as an “average” refractory period, or the time it takes for men to recover from an orgasm and achieve a second erection. “Normal” can mean anything between several minutes and an hour.


They Want More Sex



Less than one-third (29%) of women wish they had more sex; in contrast, 41% of men feel like they want more.


Vibrators Aren’t Just for Women



While vibrating sex toys are often thought of as a tool for female pleasure, sexologist Dr. Carol Queen believes they’re great for men. Vibrating stimulation near the head of the penis can offer a lot of pleasure to our male partners.


He’s Got Projection



Without anything in the way, the average penis can shoot semen between 12 and 24 inches at the time of ejaculation.


They Need Reassurance



Women aren’t the only ones who suffer body-confidence issues that can affect our sex lives. Research indicates that men may need affirmation just as much as women about the appearance (and feel) of their bodies when naked.


They Prefer It Primal



It’s no secret that men love “primal” sex every once in a while. However, sexologist Dr. Joe Kort writes that “men wants their wives to enjoy raw sex,” too!


They Lost the “O” Lottery



Men may achieve orgasm more frequently than women, but it might not feel as good. The average male orgasm is only 14 seconds long, while women enjoy an average of 20 seconds of bliss.


Pornography May Be Normal



If you’ve worried that your man’s porn-viewing habits could indicate a sex addiction, rest assured that you’re probably in the clear. Dr. Kort states that sex addicts account for only 4% of the U.S. population.


Seven Minutes



During intercourse, it takes the average male seven minutes to achieve an orgasm.


His Nipples Are Sensitiive



Around 60% of men experience nipple erection as a sign of arousal. In fact, research indicates that male nipples are every bit as sensitive as females’.


They’re Not Always in the Mood



Though it may come as a surprise to some women, men aren’t always in the mood for sex! Sex therapist Bernie Zelbergeld writes that 30% of men occasionally feel sex is more of a “burden” than a release.


Sex Isn’t Just for the Young



If you think sex ends at 40, you’re wrong! Thirty percent of men and women over the age of 80 still have sex with their partners.