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30 Date Ideas for Getting Active With Your Boo

by Rachel Weeks

30 Date Ideas for Getting Active With Your Boo

Dates always seem to be eating something or drinking something or watching something with your partner, but what can you do if you want to get off the couch? Well, lots of things. Here are 30 date ideas for getting you and your partner up and moving in any season.


It’s easy to fall into the regular rhythm of dating. “Let’s grab a drink!” “Let’s meet for lunch!” “Let’s hang out and watch Netflix!” They’re all too familiar patterns. But after a while, all that eating out and movie-watching is bound to take a toll on your active life. So, we compiled 30 date ideas for getting you and your boo up and moving. Skip the high-calorie burger dinner and try one of these!


1. Go for a hike.
Sweet. Simple. A walk through the thick woods or up a beautiful mountain may be just what you both need. It’ll give you lots of time to talk while burning a few calories. And just think of the Instagram post!


2. Learn to ice skate.
Whether you’re a pro on the ice or a total newbie, ice skating with a partner is always a fun time. Pack hot coacoa and marshmallows for a treat to warm up after.


3. Break out your old roller blades.
Rent some skates or dig our your old ones and hit the town. Roller blading is a better workout than you remember and oh-so-fun with good company. Afraid of falling on concrete? Hit up a roller rink for a throwback night to remember.


4. Walk the dogs.
Do you have a dog? Does your date? Take one out for a stroll or take both! Who knows? Maybe you’ll have an adorable 101 Dalmatians moment.


5. Go for a bike ride.
Strap on your helmets and take your bikes across town. Ride along the river or through a nice park to complete your active date. If you’re really feeling couply, rent a tandem bicycle for two. You could even try to time it perfectly and catch the sunset.


6. Stay in for a romp in the sheets.

Couples burn anywhere between 69 (yes, really) and 100 calories in an average 25-minute intimate session. Save some cash and get frisky with your date on a Friday night.


7. Double up for date at the gym.
If you and your date both resolved to lose a few pounds this year, then maybe a gym date is the perfect thing for you! Don your cutest gym attire and try your hand at some free weights. You’ll have a built-in spotter.


8. Learn a skill together.
Always wanted to try a unicycle? What about taking up kick boxing? Consult with your partner and learn a new skill together.


9. Go dancing.
Is hip-hop your jam or are you more of a swing-dancing person? Hit the town with your boyfriend or girlfriend and bust a move. You can look your best while working up a sweat.


10. Try bowling.
A night at the bowling alley isn’t going to fulfill your workout quota for the week, but it will certainly get you up and moving. And it’s so much fun!


11. Play a game of laser tag.
Indoors or outdoors, competitive or collaborative, a game of laser tag can be anything you want it to be. Plus, it’s good exercise! If all that running around works up an appetite, you’ll still have plenty of time to grab some pizza and top off the date.


12. Go skiing.
Winter shouldn’t stop you and your partner from getting active! If your location permits, bundle up and hit the slopes together. If not, try your hand at cross-country skiing. It’s a lot harder than it looks, but makes for a beautiful date.


14. Play tourist in your own town.
You know that achy feet feeling after a long day of exploring a new place? You can get that in your own hometown! Pack a day with activities for the two of you and get to know your city—and each other—a little bit better.


15. Take a yoga class.
Lots of big cities are full of free—or cheap—walk-in classes for things like yoga, pilates, and Zumba. Pick one out together. Go to your favorite class or try out a new one. Who knows? You might just find your new favorite class.


16. Go for a run together.
It’s easy to plan. It’s free to do. And you can always change your plan from “go for a run” to a more liesurely “go for a stroll.” You know you look great in those running tights. Why not take them for a spin?


17. Geocache.
If you’re looking to try something new together, give geocaching a go. It’s an outdoor, real-world treasure hunt that utilizes your smartphones’ GPS. And—hopefully—you find someone’s buried treasure! Find out more.


18. Hit the basketball court.
If working up a sweat is on your to-do list, then a pick-up game of basketball is just the thing for you. Play one-on-one—if you’re not too competitive—or go against another couple. If you win, celebrate, if you don’t, demand a rematch for next week!


19. Grab your rackets.
Racket sports also make great date ideas. Set up a badminton net in your own back yard or break out your old tennis racket for a date on the court. If the two of you frequent the gym, maybe it’s time to locate the racketball courts for some high-intensity competitive spirit.


20. Go horseback riding. Seriously.
Want a date that will truly impress? Don’t underestimate the power of a romantic horseback ride. Your beau will look more like Mr. Darcy from atop a pretty mare.


21. Hone your Frisbee skills.
Everyone should be able to throw a Frisbee! Hit the park for a liesurely game of catch or pack a few Frisbee discs for a couple hours of frolfing. Careful though, you may have to do some disc-finding if you haven’t practiced your throws beforehand.


22. Dig out some lawn games.
Whether you have a garage full of fun lawn games—bags, croquet, bocce ball—or you hit up a fun outdoor bar that has them for you, lawn games are a good way to get playfully competitive but not too competitive.


23. Make the rounds at a farmer’s market.
Grab your pooch and your date and spend a beautiful morning at the farmer’s market. Pick up some coffee and fresh baked goods, maybe even do some light grocery shopping. You’ll have a great time.


24. Take the scenic route; walk to your date.
If you don’t want to dedicate a whole date to burning calories, simply walk to a nearby bar or coffee shop. You can use the walk to get to know each other in a low pressure situation. Plus, you’ll save on gas money!


25. Play on a playground.
Engage in a nostalgia kick together and hit the swings at a local playground. You can show off your monkey bar skills or simply take a turn on the tire swing. Your partner is sure to enjoy a little play time.


26. Go swimming.
Put on your cutest bikini and hit the beach! You’ll have a ball playing in the surf, burying each other in the sand, or simply lounging on a towel. Of course, if you don’t happen to be beachside a neighborhood pool will do in a pinch.


27. Give rock climbing a try.
Stretch your limits and your legs with a few hours at the rock-climbing gym. You’ll have fun mastering a new skill and you’ll always have someone to spot you. Belay on!


28. Take a turn through a nature preserve/arboretum.
Take advantage of the natural beauty in your area and go for a nice walk together. You can burn a few extra calories by strapping on your running shoes or keep it liesurely and bring your good camera to practice your photography skills.


29. Get a crew together and play volleyball.
If you’re not in the mood for a one-on-one date quite yet, round up some fun and active friends and play volleyball in the park. You can just pass the ball around or gear up for a real game of bump, set, spike!


30. Rent kayaks.
If your town is blessed with a lovely lake or river, find your nearest boat rental and take some time out on the water. If kayaks aren’t your speed, paddle boats always make for a lovely—and less strenuous—date as well.