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4 Resolutions to Make for Better Relationships

by Megan Wells

4 Resolutions to Make for Better Relationships

It’s that time again—a new year, a new you. If you’re focused on relationship building, here are the resolutions to keep you on track.



Strengthening yourself and your behaviors to create and foster long-term relationships with friends, family, and love interests is a great habit to form. Here are four resolutions that will make this year your strongest, most loving year yet.




  1. Be a Little Less Responsible
    Are you the type of person that lives life on a strict schedule; you are to bed by 11:00 p.m. and rise at 6:00.a.m., no exceptions? While routine and healthy habits are important components of living, so is breaking free from routine and sacrificing security to spend time with your friends every now and again. So what if that concert you really wanted to see is on a week night and it’s a little pricier than you hoped? When you look back on life, these moments of spontaneity, especially with your friends, are the most memorable. This resolution means living life to the fullest, which might mean ditching the “mom attitude.”



  1. Be More Spontaneous
    When is the last time you hopped in your car and took a day trip, or even a quick overnight getaway? No plans, no problem. To achieve this resolution, grab a friend or love interest and hit the road. Discover parts of the world that you’ve never trekked to before. You might be surprised by what you find and the stories that will last forever after your journey. Need inspiration? Plenty of websites detail the best road trips around. When we’re feeling stuck, we like to pick the written brain of National Geographic.



2. Be Bold
This is the year that you take the bull by the horns and accomplish what makes you personally happy. Personal happiness and success form the framework for building other relationships; without loving yourself and the path you’re on, your relationships will lack the full amount of support and love possible. If you’re looking for a career change, a promotion, or perhaps just ditching your baggage, make your resolution an effort to fine-tune your boldness.



3. Be Present
We’ve all been out with friends and family and spent most of the evening Snapchatting, Instagraming, Facebooking, and constantly texting. According to CNN. many teens spend at least 9 hours a day on social media—that’s like a full-time job. Each time we peek at our phone during a get-together we are pulling ourselves out of the present and putting ourselves in a world that doesn’t actually exist. Try setting the phone down. So what if you don’t document your experience on social media? It still happened, and it likely was a better experience for you when you were all in.


Don’t waste your year; take a resolution, and hold to it this year. Without a streamlined focus on relationships and the self-building it takes to accomplish these goals, it’s easy to get lost. The more focused you are on building strong relationship goals, the happier you’ll be.