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4 Unique Date Ideas Your Boyfriend Will Love

by Megan Wells

4 Unique Date Ideas Your Boyfriend Will Love

Are you worried about planning your next date night? Don’t be! We have four date ideas that are perfect for combining your interests and your partner’s.

It’s your turn to plan date night, and all of sudden you’re completely out of date ideas. Don’t panic. You know your boyfriend better than most everyone in the world. You know if he loves to spend the weekend cheering on his favorite football team or if he’d love nothing more than a hike in the mountains. Dig deep into your inner arsenal, and keep his interests in mind when planning your special date. It’s okay to sprinkle a bit of your personality into the planning, too.

1. Urban Exploration
Even if you’ve lived in the same place for years and years, chances are there are spots you overlook as fun go-to spots. Maybe it’s a popular tourism location you avoid as a local, or perhaps it’s a hidden spot you’ve always wanted to try but just haven’t gotten around to. Compile a list of these spots you don’t frequent, and make it into a day of exploration or relearning your city. If you’d like to be an overachiever, create a fun map and plan a lunch or post-exploration drink spot for you and your guy.

2. Geocaching
If you’re dating an outdoorsy guy, consider geocaching. It’s basically a treasure hunt mixed with a hike. Websites like Geocaching.com will highlight coordinates where hidden goodies lie. Follow the map, and find your treasure (while of course leaving something of your choice behind). The journey is incredibly fun and makes for a great Instagram picture when you find the treasure.

3. Sporting Events
Is your boyfriend’s favorite sport team in town? Even if you’re not a huge fan of baseball, football, hockey, or whatever else, it’s a meaningful date if you know your partner is. As long as your team isn’t in the playoffs, setting records, or in the finals, sporting tickets are generally inexpensive too, especially on sites like Stubhub.

4. Good Ol’-Fashioned Movie
A dinner and a movie is a classic date. It’s always a good go-to, but can you think of this idea with a twist? Perhaps there is an independent film theater in your town or a movie theater that shows only foreign films. If the weather is nice, maybe take a movie on the go to a local park. Find a way to take this classic idea off the beaten path.

The most important part of planning a date for your guy is to have fun with it. No matter what destination or activity you choose, your enthusiasm will make the date special.