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9 Sex Games That Will Spice Up Date Night

by Daniela Galvz

9 Sex Games That Will Spice Up Date Night
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Looking for a creative way to add some va-va-voom back into your bedroom? Aside from sex toys and vibrators, which are known to increase pleasure and intimacy among partners, sex games are another fun way to spice up your relationship. From games that involve heavy foreplay activity to ones that offer new sex positions to try, we rounded up adult nine games that’ll liven up your sex life and keep the fun going all night long. Get ready to embrace your playful side. You know what they say: The couples who plays together, stays together.


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Sexy Truth or Dare


Find out how well you know your partner with this racy game of Truth or Dare. Featuring 50 sticks with a truth on one side and a blush-inducing dare on the other, this bedroom game helps deepen your understanding of your other half while guaranteeing a night of endless erotic fun. (You’re welcome.) While picking from the set, you can confess to your partner which body part drives you crazy or explore your sexual boundaries. How far are you willing to go? Play Sexy Truth or Dare to find out. If you’re looking to turn up the heat even more, check out the Kinky Truth or Dare version.

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Adult Sex Dice


These dice will turn (or in this case roll) up the heat in the bedroom. With six actions, such as lick, suck, blow, and nibble, and six body parts, each roll reveals a unique combination of a foreplay activity designed to get you and your partner in the mood. “This is a perfect way to have date night at home and spice things up,” says one Amazon customer. Simply roll the dice and leave your future bedroom endeavors up to fate.

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Sex Stack


You’re probably familiar with Jenga but this steamy version takes things up a notch by engaging in foreplay tasks that build up anticipation and will have you and your partner dying to get intimate. The game starts with a completed tower, and each player takes turn removing blocks without causing it to come tumbling down. The bricks come with a number that matches to one of the 175 intimate acts designed to bring new bedroom delights. One Amazon shopper claims the game helps “find out new things about what you and your partner find pleasure in.”

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Balai Couples Prophecy Ball


Missionary? Reverse cowgirl? Spooning? Can’t decide which sizzling sex positions you and your partner want to try next? Let this nostalgic childhood pastime give you the answer! With more than 20 different poses, this prophecy ball helps spice things up between the sheets by broadening your sexual moves. Start by asking the ball “what position should I try today,” then turn it over to see which O-inducing sex position it recommends. Whether you’re a couple looking to freshen things up in the bedroom or an indecisive Libra like myself, this toy is for you.

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Bedroom Battle


Don’t be fooled by the illustrations; this is an adult-only game. Designed for two players, couples compete to win pleasured-filled activities. Each round features three kinky challenges, ranging from foreplay with sex toys to Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired tasks, that are chosen by the round’s winner. The player with the most reward cards wins the game and chooses the final challenge for a jaw-dropping climax. Even if you lose, you’ll be a winner in bed. Sounds hot, right?

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Our Moments Sexting


Master the art of sexting with Our Moment Sexting. With messages ranging from “I’ve been naughty today and probably deserve a spanking” to “It’s so hot to picture you tying me up,” the card game features 100 racy messages that help partners express their sexual desires. Whether you text the explicit message to your partner or leave a sexy note in their briefcase, you’ll make him or her desperate for more. Trust us, sexting has never been easier!

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Discover Your Lover


Get ready to indulge in your wildest sexual fantasies. This erotic game for two takes couples on a sexual journey to discover each other’s bedroom desires. Not only is this fun, it also takes your love-making game to the next level. One Amazon shopper said, “This game creates intimacy and connection. It is unique and it brings you closer together as a couple. Highly recommended.” Let the board game decide just how naughty your night will be. It’s not called Discover Your Lover for nothing.

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Monopoly just got a sexy upgrade. Inspired by the infamous property trading game, XXXopoly promises to turn date night even more frisky with acts ranging from foreplay to steamy intercourse. Each partner takes turns rolling the dice to purchase sexual spaces that coincide with sexual acts. Whenever you land on your partner’s spot, you have to perform the act, which can include licking erogenous zones to an impromptu striptease. Of course, you can choose to not perform the sexual favor by paying the fee. There are no losers, only winners (if you count the big-O as a win).

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Want a sex board game that focuses on communication? Your best bet is Monogamy. Unlike other adult games in the market, Monogamy uses communication as tool to find out what truly turns your partner on. You move around the board and perform sexy acts, while picking up card with questions to ask your partner to connect with them on a deeper level. Once you complete the bond-boosting board, you move up a level and the tasks become more intimate for the ultimate sexual experience.