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Eight Sleek and Chic Neckties for the Man in Your Life

by admin

Like designer shoes, fathers don’t come in one-size-fits-all—and shopping for men (especially those who raised you) is sometimes as impossible as finding a Jimmy Choo sample sale. But it is still possible to give the man in your life a necktie that’s tailored to his personality. Whether he’s preppy or football-crazy, there’s a tie for every guy in your life.


The Professor



Alexander Olch’s tweed Teddy bow tie goes perfectly with sweater vests and tortoiseshell-rimmed glasses. _The Idiot’s Guide to Sartre_ is, sadly, not included. _($105, “Alexander Olch”:http://www.olch.com/viewcart.php?Pid=76&catid=1&start=3)_


The Preppy



If Dad’s idea of heaven is a clambake in Nantucket, then you already know he’ll wear anything from prep god Ralph Lauren. Rip a page from the Preppy Handbook in this St. James Spotted Silk Tie. _($115, “Polo Ralph Lauren”:http://bit.ly/lOcMCY)_


The Master of the Universe



For the man whose mantra is “Greed is good,” nothing but a snazzily bold red tie will do. Dads will conquer Wall Street in Salvatore Ferragamo’s stylish Gancini Stripe Tie. _($170, “Salvatore Ferragamo”:http://bit.ly/kbnmsp)_


The Surfer



Beach bums Jeff Spicoli, Jack Johnson, and Matthew McConaghey exude natural cool, just like your pops. J.Crew’s chilled-out chambray tie goes perfectly with his shoes-optional lifestyle. _($83, “J.Crew”:http://bit.ly/lC6YKN)_


The Rocker



Shred your axe and live out your Keith Richards fantasy in Alexander McQueen’s Skull and Dot Tie. A badass tie for your badass dad. _($175, “Mr.Porter.com”:http://www.mrporter.com/product/300591)_


The Grandpa



Celebrate your father’s father with this classic ribbed silk tie from Turnbull & Asser. The bespoke British company has outfitted Prince Charles, Ronald Reagan, and Sir Winston Churchill. _($175, “Mr.Porter.com”:http://www.mrporter.com/product/301729)_


The Bohemian



After a forty-year absence, the ascot is making a meteoric sartorial comeback. Luckily, Tom Ford’s foulard (that’s an ascot, for you English mouth-breathers) is more Johnny Depp and less Fred from Scooby Doo. _($325, “Tom Ford”:http://www.tomford.com/#/en/menswear/spring/summer2011)_


The Sports Fanatic



If your dad’s devotion to sports extended to his wearing his Miami Dolphins jersey to your wedding, upgrade him to a chicer addiction. Vineyard Vines sells custom ties for every NFL team, so he’ll never have to leave the house without showing his support—and you don’t have to pretend like you don’t know him! _($75, “Vineyard Vines”:http://bit.ly/d7gB1y)