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8 Valentine’s Gifts for Your BFFs

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Some girls (read: single girls) dread Valentine’s Day from the second they see the shelves at Walgreens stocked with those menacing boxes of candy hearts. But who says you have to be in a relationship to truly appreciate the meaning of the national day of love? Valentine’s Day is all about expressing how much you value those closest to you, and who fits the bill better than your BFFs? After all, they’re the ones who tell you if you look pudgy in your clothes, are always on-call if you need to vent, and will unquestionably choose you over boys. To honor your best friends this holiday, we’ve rounded up some unique Valentine’s goodies that are sure to show them how swell you think they are. Click on to find gifts that perfectly fit your friends’ distinct personalities!


For Your Ryan Gosling–Obsessed Friend



Hey girl, will you be my valentine? I know, I know, Ryan’s taken, but a girl can dream, right? This print featuring the “Hey Girl” heartthrob is a great gift for your friend who wishes she was Eva Mendes. She can hang it in her apartment, in her office, or set it on her bedside table to kiss before bed to encourage a night of Gosling-infused dreams. _($5.00, “Etsy”:http://etsy.me/xwJdFe)_


For Your Recently Dumped Friend



If you want to cheer up your recently detached gal pal on Single’s Awareness Day, this unique skewer set is sure to work some magic. Combine a bottle of pinot with some cheese, evil ex stories, and a dash of voodoo, and you’ll forget all about what’s-his-face in no time. _($49.99, “Bed Bath & Beyond”:http://bit.ly/zP1OeL)_


For Your Friend Who Is a Dreamer



Prepare to enter another dimension; a place where your laundry always smells of Bounty, a glass of wine and delicious dinner always awaits you, and men actually listen when you vent about your long day. This collection of PG photos are great for any friend who dares to dream, or anyone who gets a laugh out of pictures of hunky men cooking, listening, and asking for directions, accompanied by glorious captions such as, “As long as I have two legs to walk on, you’ll never take out the trash.” _($10.56, “Barnes & Noble”:http://bit.ly/yftXTU)_


For Your F’n Sweetest Friend



Tell your bestie how much you f’n love her by giving her this f’n fun heart-shaped box filled with heart-shaped candies inscribed with lovable f’n terms of endearment. She’ll f’n love it. _($8.00, “Urban Outfitters”:http://urbout.co/zvYk9D)_


For Your Friend with a Sweet Tooth



Seal your goodies with a kiss with these smooch-covered baggies. Stuff them with homemade Valentine’s treats such as truffles, fudge, or muddy buddies. Your friends will surely know that you made them with love. _($8.00 for twenty bags, “Urban Outfitters”:http://urbout.co/yuQjzn)_


For Your Friend Who Is the Life of the Party



So you didn’t land a Valentine’s date. That’s okay because who needs dudes and dinner reservations when you have this sassy flask as your partner in crime for the night? Mix up a batch of cosmos, fill your flask, and hit the town with your best girlfriend for a night of bad decisions. _($24.00, “Urban Outfitters”:http://urbout.co/w98o9t)_


For Your Flirtiest Friend



This is the perfect gift for your friend who always winds up shamelessly flirting with boys on your girls’ nights out. This refreshing mist delivers a sexy scent that is sure to land you a boyfriend by V-Day 2013. _($12, “Victoria’s Secret”:http://bit.ly/AflHZp)_


For Your Most Lovable Friend



Cute, simple, and thrifty, these delicate heart earrings will add the perfect shine to any outfit. It’s a foolproof gift that any girl would love to get. _($12.00, “Urban Outfitters”:https://urbout.co/AmIez7)_

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