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Funny Engagement Photos: 10 Big No-Nos

by Katie Koschalk

Funny Engagement Photos: 10 Big No-Nos

Sometimes you see photos of newly engaged couples on Facebook or on those trendy save-the-date magnets that melt your heart and make you go, “Awww! Good for them!” Yeah, these are not those photos. These are engagement pictures that exist to serve one purpose and one purpose only—to provide all you recently betrothed couples an example of what not to do. Be it an overly intimate shot or a photo taken in some inexplicably random location, each of these gems will teach you exactly what to avoid when it comes time for you and your fiancé to step in front of the lens. Remember, engagement photos stay with you forever—or at least until your next marriage—so think before you pose.


Don’t emulate cheesy pop culture icons.



Is it just us or does this photo look suspiciously similar to the Twilight poster? Even if you and your husband are diehard members of Team Edward, do you really want the photo declaring your love to be associated with pop culture craze?


Don’t try to be funny.



Either this couple is going for the “Check us out, we’re so goofy together!” look or they are horribly unaware that their position of choice are very suggestive. Either way, chances are you’re sending this announcement to extended family and friends, who might not be in on the joke.


Don’t over-edit your photos.



Unless this groom has a Thumbelina fixation, we’re perplexed why they thought this was a good idea. The wonders of Photoshop are undeniably genius, but when it comes to engagement photos, special effects make the pictures appear tacky.


Don’t pose in unnatural situations.



It’s totally normal for couples to visit exotic beaches, snuggle up on a pile of rocks, and take a nice little snooze. Right? Unless you both have a rather severe case of narcolepsy, this is definitely not natural.


Don’t act like you hate each other.



As cheesy as making goo-goo faces at each other might seem, it’s better than acting like you’re about to run for the hills. You’re getting married and hopefully kind of dig each other. Act like it.


But don’t act too into each other.



If people look at your photos and feel like they accidently walked in on an intimate moment, you’ve gone too far. Couples take these pictures to share with their friends and family so avoid getting all handsy with each other until the camera is off.


Don’t reenact famous movie scenes.



If you do not have Spidey-sense and cannot shoot web from your wrists, please, please just get down from the tree. Yes, the upside-down kiss between Spiderman and Mary Jane is breathtaking, but when a couple tries to reenact iconic scenes, they usually come out looking cheesy and contrived.


Don’t let the photographer shoot from below. Ever.



Everyone has their good side and bad side, but shooting from below yields the most unflattering photos for everyone. Suddenly your chin triples in size and your friends and family know what you’re hiding up your nose. Not cute.


Don’t choose random meaningless locations as your backdrop.



If you and your husband have never taken a jog on a human-sized hampster wheel in the middle of a warehouse, then what the heck are you doing there? It would make more sense if your fiancé was a guinea pig and you were a hampster, but if not, choose a scene that better reflects your interests as a couple.


Don’t include others in your photos.



“Oh honey, you, me, and this camel are going to be so happy together!” Engagement photos are supposed to capture a special bond between two people. Don’t let something else steal the spotlight.