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Gals: 10 Tips to Be Better in Bed

by Evita N. Torre

Gals: 10 Tips to Be Better in Bed

Make your man mad with passion with these ideas.


Men love massages. Soothe his sore neck, arms, back, and legs with the sweet touch of your hands. “It’s not necessary for you to lick me or give me a seductive massage. I just appreciate being spoiled once in a while,” discloses Travis from Portland, Oregon.


Make some noise but don’t go overboard. Nothing turns a man on more than knowing, or hearing, that he’s turning you on. “If you’re too quiet, he won’t know if what he’s doing is good or bad,” advises Brendan of Poughkeepsie, New York.


Leave something behind. When getting out of bed, drop a sexy article of clothing under the covers for him to find when you’re gone. “I’d love if a girl hid something naughty in bed as a hint of what’s to come,” exposes Nikul of Philadelphia.


Don’t fight the moonlight. A dark room doesn’t always mean he’s not interested in looking at you. “Darkness accentuates features of a woman’s body you wouldn’t normally notice, like her soft skin or the shape of her eyes,” says Sean of Plymouth, Massachusetts.


Become an alluring alarm clock. Wake him up with a kiss on the lips or somewhere more daring. “Nobody likes to get out of bed in the morning. A surprise wakeup call can start the day off right,” urges Angus of Seattle.


Wear his clothes. Men adore silky nightgowns but sometimes seeing their women in a simple t-shirt or pair of sweatpants is even more tempting. “I love when my girlfriend wears my tank top without a bra,” divulges Scott of Malaga, New Jersey.


Mix it up with music. Stop listening to your same old romantic radio station and invest in some timeless mood-enhancers. “A really good CD, like Maxwell, Sade, or Motown, can set the mood,” suggests John of Queens, New York.


Soften your skin. Give him a silky reason to keep his hands all over you. “Shave it, wax it, men don’t like excessive amounts of hair. And nothing’s worse than touching a leg that feels like a dry, scaly alligator,” declares Gabe of Washington, D.C.


Go easy on the hair products. Let him get lost in the smell and feel of your soft, natural tresses. “Getting your hand stuck in someone’s gelled-up hair is horrible. Leave the hair gel to the men,” recommends Matias of Bronx, New York.


Take it slow. If you’re always in a hurry, take your sweet time in the bedroom. “Don’t rush to the finish line. Guys like foreplay, too. Break out of your normal sex routine and explore his body,” reveals Matt of Alta Loma, California.