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Guys: 10 Tips to Be Better in Bed

by Evita N. Torre

Guys: 10 Tips to Be Better in Bed

When it comes to keeping your girl happy, a peek into the female psyche never hurt anything. Keep things interesting and sexy with new ways to light your lady’s fire- follow these tips to be better in bed.




Shave. Weekend stubble might look sexy but it feels like sandpaper. “Guys, always, always, always use a sharp, multiblade razor for shaving. It’ll reduce razor burn for you and whisker burn for her,” discloses Michelle of New York.




Kiss her where she’s not expecting it. Pay attention to ignored spots of her body. “Touch the edge of her ears, hip bone, collarbone, back, and any scars she might have. Kissing her imperfections will make her feel beautiful,” reveals Dana of Stuart, Florida.




Cook for her. Prepare a dinner of finger foods or pasta sans fork. The combination of fingers and lips is unstoppable. “Cooking is all about timing and balance. A man who can cook makes one wonder if he would be competent elsewhere,” exposes Cecilia of Queens, New York.




Watch sexy movies together. Women can play into the power of suggestion. “Unfaithful, Pretty Woman, Cruel Intentions, Meet Joe Black, and 9 1/2 Weeks all have hot love scenes with beautiful people,” suggests Cristina of Santa Barbara, California.




Take notes. Listen to what she does and doesn’t say, and most importantly, watch how her body reacts. The best lover is an attentive one. “Sometimes spelling things out ruins the mood. It can’t hurt to make informed guesses,” urges Lizzie of Washington, D.C.




Spoil her. Every girl secretly, or not so secretly, wants to be pampered and treated like a princess. “Surprise her with a long massage and a night full of her favorite things. Rent her favorite video and order in her favorite meal,” says Jessica of St. Paul, Minnesota.




Go dancing. If you’re not the best dancer, sway closely in the privacy of your own home. “I’m terrified of the dance floor but when he puts his hands on my hips, it’s not about moving my feet. It’s about moving as one,” declares Alexa of Nashville, Tennessee.




Apply a little cologne. Remember, a little can go a long way. “The just-out-of-the-shower smell or a small spray on your neck will drive her wild. I am particularly partial to Acqua di Gio and Polo Sport,” advises Clare of Rockaway, New York.




Visit a lingerie store. Women want to wear what they know you like. “Take the time to find out what she likes too. It’s hard to feel sexy if you’re trying to live up to Playboy Bunny standards,” recommends Elizabeth of Chicago.




Help her fantasize. Initiate pillow talk with a little storytelling. “If your girl is shy, tell her about some of your tamer fantasies. Then ask sexy questions to get her more comfortable,” divulges Yelena of New Milford, New Jersey.