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How Were You Proposed To? Readers Tell All

by DivineCaroline

How Were You Proposed To? Readers Tell All

Every now and then, it’s nice to be reminded that true love and old-fashioned romance exist outside of Hollywood and fairy tales, which is why we asked our readers to share their proposal stories with us. The result was just the jolt of mushy, lovey-dovey sweetness that we needed to thaw our cold, cold hearts. Check out these proposal stories from our readers and just try not to let out a big ol’ “Aww.” Feel free to share yours as well!


Rebekah Johnson: “He Asked Me if I’d Be His Queen”



While getting a new iPad or a bottle of your favorite perfume as a holiday gift is wonderful, nothing compares to a dazzling diamond ring. Just ask Rebekah Johnson, who was proposed to while wrapping gifts with her boyfriend on Christmas Eve. “I almost didn’t know what he was doing, but I heard some of what he’d said and he kept asking me to just bare with him. He asked me if I would marry him and be his queen!”


Kait Scott: “We Cheered with Wine Over Skype”



We all know that long-distance relationships can be difficult, but for this couple, a few hundred miles is nothing that a little 21st-century technology can’t fix. “My fiancé is in Fort Des Moines for training and he sent me a box in the mail and made me promise not to open it ‘til we got on Skype together,” said Kait Scott. “When I opened it he got down on one knee, and when I opened the ring box, asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes then we cheered with wine over Skype.”


Laura Nelson-Haas: “He Looked at Me Like He Had Never Looked into My Eyes Before”



Laura’s boyfriend took her for a ride on his motorcycle for her birthday. They rode to a famous river where they sat on the river bank. “He looked at me like he had never looked into my eyes before and I noticed that he was trying to take a cute little ring off of my left ring finger and I asked him what he was doing and he said, ‘It’s in my way.’ I am sure I looked very puzzled, however, he continued with removing that ring to replace it with a most beautiful piece I had ever seen in my life.” Two years later, they married in that same spot on the river bank.


Jaed During: “I Told Him to F Off”



Jaed During and her boyfriend were waiting at a bus stop to catch a ride downtown when the unexpected happened. “No ring, no down on knee, just ‘Will you marry me?’ I didn’t believe him because he was a big tease and told him to F off.” Fast-forward a couple hours and a few cocktails later, “ … and then he asked again. I still have no ring, 23 years later.”


Beth Williams: “I Asked Him to Marry Me”



When you know that he’s the one, why wait to make it official? That’s probably what Beth Williams was thinking when she proposed to the love of her life who she met online after 10 weeks of dating. “In his living room, now ours, I asked him to marry me,” said Beth Williams. “Two days later in a truck on the way to church he proposed to me and, of course, I said ‘Yes!’”


Teresa owens: “I’d Love to Share the Rest of Your Life with You”



Who says guys don’t have a creative bone? Teresa’s soon-to-be hubby drew a bubble bath for her, tossing in a couple of those little toy containers that kids get for fifty cents out of machines. Upon opening the toys, Teresa found a piece of paper in one of them reading, “I’d love to share the rest of your life with you” and a ring. “It was sweet. Well thought out for a man who is scared to death of rejection,” said Teresa. “After I yelled, ‘Yes!’ he joined me with a bottle of champagne and we married four months later.”


Liza Bennett: “This Was Where He First Knew He Loved Me”



Most couples can recall the exact instant when they realized that they were in love with their significant other. Liza Bennett’s husband took her to the beach where he first said those three magical words. “He got as close as he could with the beach being closed due to high waters, and told me that this was where he first knew he loved me so he wanted it to be the place where he asked me to be his wife.”


Marilyn Campbell: “There Were At Least 200 Complete Strangers There”



Marilyn Campbell and her boyfriend went to a dinner theater called the Dixie Stampede in which the audience participates in the show. The couple partook in a game where they had to race on a horse—a stick horse that is. After beating the other competitors, Marilyn’s boyfriend was handed the microphone. “He then looked at me, said he loved me, and was like ‘I would like to ask my girlfriend if she would marry me’ and there were at least two thousand complete strangers there. Of course I said, ‘Yes’ and now we have been married for about 1-1/2 years.”