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The Most Extravagant Sex Toys

by Amy Copperman

The Most Extravagant Sex Toys

Getting down with your partner or yourself may be one of the last free activities on Earth, but that doesn’t stop some people from indulging in expensive and extravagant sex-cessories. Here are six of the most insanely pricey sex toys for the rich and horny.


Little Platinum Eternity



What’s the saying—“Diamonds are forever”? “A girl’s best friend”? If both are true, this platinum vibrator encircled with 28 diamonds is your BFF…with benefits. ($3,250; Jimmyjane.com)


Inez Vibrator



This 18-karat-gold vibrator looks more like something you’d want to show off on your mantle than hide in the drawer of your bedside table. But then again, if you’re spending $10,500 so your hoo-ha can come in contact with a shaft of gold, you might be the type that puts her sexuality on display. So go ahead, let this objet de pleasure become your objet d’art—that is when it’s not “energetically buzzing” around your lady parts. ($13,500; Enlelo.com)





Consisting of over 18 karats and encrusted with 117 diamonds, this vibrator by high-end Paris jeweler Maison Victor is the most luxurious sex toy in all the land. Not only for your vagina, it also comes with a detachable diamond ring, making it perhaps the perfect way to propose marriage for the adventurous (and loaded) couple.
_($60,000;_ “_Victor-paris.com)_”:http://luxepleasure.com/tag/victor-paris/


The F**k Hammer



This not-so-subtly named sex chair does all the hard, thrusting work for you—but you have to be able to get in the mood while reclining in a chair that resembles an examining table at a gynecologist’s office. Nothing’s hotter than recalling your last pap smear!
_($3,595;_ “_Store.thethrillhammer.com)_”:http://store.thethrillhammer.com/html/store/product_info.php?cPath=6&products_id=12


Betony Vernon Unicorn Butt Plug



Infusing fantasy into your anal play will cost you a pretty pony—I mean, penny—$3,475 to be exact. But if you’ve always wanted a real horse’s mane to come out of your butt, it’s worth every last cent.
_($3,475;_ “_Cocodemerusa.com)_”:http://www.cocodemerusa.com/Store/pc/Betony-Vernon-Unicorn-Butt-Plug-p2438.htm


Custom Female Real Doll



RealDoll.com functions much like the Build-a-Bear Factory. A new girlfriend is completely customizable—even down to the amount of pubic hair (although a full bush is an extra $100). And like the teddy bear you created on that school field trip, this pal is more of a listener than a talker.
_($5,999;_ “_RealDoll.com)_”:http://www.realdoll.com