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Organic Tampons: The Best Brands and What You Need to Know Before Making the Switch

by Taylor Borde

Organic Tampons: The Best Brands and What You Need to Know Before Making the Switch
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Why so many women are making the switch from big brands to conscious organic tampon companies, and the best chemical-free feminine products to spend your money on.



Up until a few years ago, shopping for tampons was more of a reflex than a conscious consumer decsion. (Admittedly, mine was heavily impacted by aesthetic packaging. Ahem, Kotex.) With recent focus on harmful hidden chemicals thanks to celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop gang and Kourtney Kardashian lobbying for clean beauty routines, common feminine products have been under fire as well.



And for good reason. Take a second and think about if you really know what’s in your tampons, pads and liners? If you’re like me, your answer is no. This is because the FDA doesn’t require feminine care companies to include ingredients labels, meaning we’ve unknowingly been letting harmful chemicals live inside of our bodies for years. Dioxins, pesticides, chlorine, rayon and unnecessary fragrances have all been found in lab tests of some of the leading tampon brands.



“We give thought to what’s in our food and beauty products, so why not our tampons, which we use in one of the most absorbent parts of our bodies?” ask Jordana Kier and Alex Friedman, who founded Lola, a 100% cotton tampon subscription service. “The big brands do the bare minimum and rarely disclose the ratio of ingredients in their tampons, which is typically a blend of the artificial fibers rayon and polyester, among others.”



We need to do better, ladies. Not only is our health at stake, but these chemicals are also hard on the environment, putting the toxins directly from your body into the ground when tampons go to landfills. We switch our Dawn with Mrs. Meyer’s, our John Frieda with Function of Beauty, our Revlon with RMS Beauty—why haven’t we made the switch to organic tampons yet?



The last three years have brought more sustainable alternatives—from leak-proof underwear to menstrual cups to all-natural tampons—created by some of the most boss ass babes. Subscribtion companies like  Thrive Market, LOLA and L. make it even easier, bringing your clean-sourced tampons straight to your door, just in time for your period.



Ready to make the switch? Ahead, the 6 best organic tampon brands to spend your pink-taxed dollars on.


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Pretty packaging and 100% organic cotton—what’s not to love about this feminine health care subscription? Starting at $10, you can customize a box for your flow’s specific needs, and LOLA delivers your goods right to your front door every month. It’s your own personal period fairy godmother. Even better—each purchase helps provide menstrual products to low-income women across the U.S.

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We love L.’s organic tampons for their vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, certified organic cotton and BPA-free plastic applicator, but the female-run brand’s commitment to women is even more impressive. For each tampon purchased, one is donated to a woman in a developing country in need. Easily accessible at your local Target, L. also has a subscription service on its website where you create your period pack with a combo of tampons, pads and liners for as little as $9.

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If you’re looking for high-quality organic tampons and a handy subscription service, Cora is another great brand you can nab at Target. Unlike most tampons, these have a unique octagonal shape that leaves little room for leakage and evenly absorbs, and a woven cord provides extra protection against leakage and staining—good enough to wear in down dog and on white denim days.

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You probably know Seventh Generation for its green cleaning products, so it’s no surprise we love its certified-organic tampons all the same. Free of irritating fragrances, deoderants and chlorine processing, these tampons are gynecologist tested, ultra absorbent and made with a 95% plant-based, BPA-free applicator.

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Another one of our favorite female-headed clean brands, The Honest Company added feminine care products to its roster with these GOTS-certified organic cotton tampons that come in the cutest candy-colored packaging. Whether you prefer the plant-derived applicator or taking one for Mother Nature with the “no applicator” option, you can go about your day without a chance of dribble.

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Though I’m making the switch to all-natural and leaving my aesthetic preferences in the past, I have to give BON the “best in show” award for its stylish, discreet packaging. Let’s not forget the flawless chemical-free, organic-farmed formula that landed it on this list. Like others in the lineup, you can purchase BON tampons as a one-time pack or sign up for the subscription service so you’re never left empty-handed when it’s that time of the month.